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By: Fatima Munroe



Fatima Munroe & Ms. Brii & Queen Keishii & Chan & Treasure Malian & Charmanie Saquea & Dee Ann & Jewelz




Brii stood up against a brand new red 2016 Mercedes-Benz truck, outside of the Women’s Detention Center in Miami, FL. Today was the day Mo, her best friend was finally being released from prison. It’d been a long two years without her girl being on the streets. Brii was sure to be at every visit and held Mo down by any means. That was more than Mo’s girlfriend, Desiree could say. Brii hated her with a capital P in passion. She wasn’t shit to Mo. She stayed out all night in the clubs of downtown Miami, embarrassing herself and Mo’s image. All the homies on the block shook their heads at how she was doing their little goon while she was on lock down.

“What’s good Briiski baby? You miss me or nah?” Mo came swaggering towards her in some camouflage ripped, biker jeans, black and gold Gucci belt, a long black t-shirt and chocolate timbs. She wore a designer jacket the same color as her boots. Her dreads needed re-twisting but no one could see her new growth under the brown trim and camouflage fitted cap she wore with her government on it; MORIAH.

“Mo-Mo! You already know I missed your punk ass.” Brii embraced her best friend in a tight squeeze.

From the outside looking in, people would assume they were a couple. Actually most thought and suggested it. They stayed correcting folks, saying they were just friends.

As of lately, Mo’s feelings had grown for Brii. Besides her grandmother and cousins, Brii was the only one holding her down while she served her bid. She thought Desiree would ride for her like she did in the streets but she turned her back as soon as the judges gavel landed and she was sentenced. Mo got locked up behind a gun that wasn’t even hers. It belonged to her right hand and Brii’s ex, Zah. Besides Brii, Zah was Mo’s best friend too. They all grew up on the same block, went to the same school and started getting money together once they graduated. Zah’s brother’s, baby momma, Uncle Willy was a well-known drug dealer all over the South side of Miami and was recruiting hungry, young dudes to put on. Both Zah and Mo were infatuated with the street life so they got down where they could fit in. Uncle Willy didn’t discriminate at all. He felt like if Mo was bad enough to play with the big boys then she could get money with them as well.

Over time, Mo proved she was a thoroughbred. Uncle Willy promoted her to head lieutenant and let her run things. Some were cool with it since she was one of the guys anyway. Others left to join other crews on different sides and became the competition. Busting a gun came natural to Mo. She picked up on the trade she wanted so badly to be a part of, pretty quickly. So far, she’d made a good chunk of change. She wasn’t million dollars rich but she was satisfied with what she had. That was also one of the traits Uncle Willy liked about her. She stayed humbled and low-key. That was more than he could say about some people in his crew.

“So what you been up to baby? Don’t act all quiet now.” Mo nudged Brii as she whipped the Benz in and out of traffic. “I see your ass know how to drive and shit now.” Mo cracked on her best friend. Brii flipped her off with a side eye.

“Fuck you Mo. I been could drive!” she hyped, popping her collar. Mo laughed hysterically and looked at her like, bish where?

“Since when? I guess you had to do something for two years, huh?” Mo continued to crack. Brii flipped her off again.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. But for real I just missed your bucket head ass. Like, I thought you would never be out man. I still can’t believe you went in after Zah’s dirty gun.” Brii shook her head.

“Awl here you go. Man we not about to argue over this no more. I did what I had to do for my mans and we good. I’m out now, ain’t I?” she defended with an excuse. Brii didn’t even bother answering. She’d gone back and forth too many times about this with Mo. Bringing it up again was pointless because Mo said the same thing every time.

She thought it was stupid on Mo’s part. Zah had a body on that gun. He was also up on strike three. Which is why Mo took the charge. Her record was clean and she’d be damned if she was letting her homie go to jail for life. If it weren’t for the lawyer they had on their team, Mo would still be there. The prosecutor was trying to slap ten years on her. Brii shook her head and rolled her eyes. Sometimes she wanted to cry at the thought of being away from Mo so long. Of course she would’ve rode and been at every visit anyways.

“You just mad because you and Zah didn’t work out, I swear. If y’all was together, you wouldn’t even have cared. You used to eat his shit for breakfast, lunch and dinner.” Mo counted off on her fingers.

It was true. Brii worshipped the ground Zah walked on. He was everything plus more to her. For the longest, she thought he could do no wrong. Reality slapped her right in the face when she caught him in bed with a chick he introduced to her as his cousin. That day, Brii whooped both the cousin and Zah’s asses. She felt so stupid for letting him play her like a dummy. It took her a long time to get over it. She held his whole circle accountable, including Mo. She knew what was going on the whole time and never told her. That’s what hurt most. If the shoe was in the other foot, she would’ve told Mo. The fact that she just threw the Zah situation in her face, pissed her off.

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