An Accidental Love Affair 3

By: Brittany Desiree

– Synopsis –

In the last installment of An Accidental Love Affair, the couples are tested from every angle. Camryn has returned and decided that she wants herkids… and Darren. Kai is determined to keep her family together. She is not sure if she can handle all of the drama, but she is not going out without a fight.

With Elijah facing a possible indictment from the Feds, he is forced to make a change in his lifestyle. He and Khloé’s relationship is finally on track, but it seems like they aren’t going to make it. Justice returns with Elijah’s son, but she has some ridiculous demands that could put his relationship in jeopardy again.

Find out if the couples are able to work through the drama and get their happily ever after in this finale.

– Previously in Part 2 –

Darren looked in as Kai, the twins, and baby Derrick slept across their huge king-sized bed. It warmed his heart looking at his new family, safe and sound, lying altogether. He was happy to put all the drama behind him. For the last few months, things had been very quiet. With the exception of Khloé and Elijah’s usual drama, things were looking up for everybody. He had hoped his bro could get it together and win his girl back, but Khloé wasn’t having it.

Thinking about everything that had transpired in the last year, like dealing with his release from prison, Camryn disappearing, and Kai’s kidnapping, Darren held no regrets. He’d do anything to protect his family and keep them safe. Ever since he’d been locked up, all he wanted was to be able to come home to his wife and kids. Originally, he thought he’d be settling down with Camryn, but life had a funny way of giving you what you need and not what you want.

There was no doubt in his mind that Kai was the woman for him. She had found her way back to him after their short break-up, and that’s all that mattered. She loved his children as if they were her own. She had stepped out of the spotlight with modeling jobs, but had been doing very well with her business at the studio. She was everything he could want and more.

He walked over to the bed, and one by one he carried each twin to their bed. It was a fight, but he finally had them sleeping in separate rooms. He kissed each one on the forehead before exiting their rooms, making sure to leave their doors cracked open. He went back into the master bedroom and picked up his newest edition and placed him in the bassinet next to the bed. He didn’t want to disturb Kai, because she looked so peaceful, but this couldn’t wait any longer.

“Kai, babe.” He spoke softly, placing small kisses on her lips and neck. “Wake yo ass up.”

Kai groaned in her sleep. She had been sleeping so well. She had finally gotten everyone to settle down and wanted to get in a good nap before all the kids woke up. She tried to push Darren off of her, but he wouldn’t budge. Instead, he bit into her neck and sucked gently, most likely creating a passion mark.

“Stop.” She whined.

“I want to talk to you about something.” Darren said, lifting up her shirt and kissing her stomach. Even though she’d just had the baby three weeks ago, and hadn’t lost much of the baby weight, her body couldn’t be more beautiful to him. He couldn’t wait to pop more babies in her, but only after she agreed to be his wife.

“What?” She asked, looking down at him.

“Let’s go get married.” He said, seriously, looking her directly in the eyes.

“What? That’s your proposal?” Kai was not impressed. It was nothing like what she had imagined. She should be wearing an expensive dress and heels. Darren should have bought out an entire restaurant and filled the place with candles and flowers. Ed Sheeran would be in the background singing, “Thinking Out Loud”. Darren would get down on one knee and say something heartfelt and meaningful.

“You think someone else going to want you after my big head son done wrecked that shit down there?” He laughed, snapping her from her thoughts. “Let’s hop on a plane to Vegas and make it official.”

“You’re so stupid.” Kai smiled extra big. It wasn’t some big extravagant proposal like she imagined, but she wanted nothing more than to marry him and become Mrs. Darren Price.

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