Anyone U Want(10)

By: Evangeline Anderson

“Miss Sparks? Holly?” he said again, to be sure she wasn’t in the bathroom. But she wasn’t. Had she gone sightseeing by herself? The idea of innocent little Holly off on a trip through the moon’s notoriously dangerous red light district made him distinctly uneasy. Where had she gone? And was she all right?

Without noticing what he was doing, he stepped further into the room, looking for clues to her whereabouts. Her suitcase lay open on the bed and lying on the top row of neatly folded business wear was something that caught Grant’s eye—a pale mint green bra and panty set. It was lacy and feminine and naughty and just the thought of Holly wearing it and nothing else was enough to have his cock throbbing in a second.

God, just the idea of her soft little pussy barely covered by those pale green lace panties…Unable to stop himself, Grant picked up the pair of silky lace panties and rubbed them gently against his cheek. He could just imagine doing the same thing while Holly had the panties on. He would press his face against her cleft, feeling the heat of her cunt through the whisper-thin material, knowing she was getting hotter and hotter for him. Then he would slide his fingers under the lacy border and trace her swollen pussy lips, feeling her moisture collect on his fingertips as she moaned and he thrust deeper into her wet depths…

What’s that? His eye landed on an expensive looking piece of hardware—a head set that fit over the eyes and ears with a tiny bud microphone that curved along the wearer’s jaw. It was a dream-viewer, Grant realized as he dropped the panties back in the suitcase and picked it up. And an expensive one at that. This must be what Holly had used her last Christmas bonus on. But what was she watching on it?

Knowing he shouldn’t do it, but helpless to resist this rare glimpse into his assistant’s private life, Grant slipped the headset on and was immediately transported…back to his office.

“Miss Sparks, come here at once. I want a word with you,” he saw himself saying. Only this image didn’t look exactly like him—or at least he hoped not. The look on his face was stern, almost menacing and the tone of his voice was angry and impatient.

“Certainly, Mr. Harris. At once.” Holly came into view wearing something he’d never seen her in. Was that a slave outfit? It certainly looked like one. She had on a tight black leather mini skirt that showed off her curvaceous ass and black thigh-high stockings that made him drool. Up top she had on a black leather corset type bustier that pushed her full breasts up and out, baring their tops and showing the faintest hint of pink areola. God, if she really did dress this way at the office, there was no way he would be able to keep his hands off her!

“That’s far enough, Miss Sparks. Why are you walking? You know how you’re supposed to approach me,” dream Harris barked. Immediately dream Holly stopped in her tracks.

Grant continued to watch, his cock throbbing in his pants, as his assistant dropped to her knees and crawled as sinuously as a cat over to dream Harris. The short black leather skirt rode up her thighs as she moved, showing flashes of white lacy panties beneath. When she reached dream Harris’s feet, she pressed herself against his legs submissively and murmured, “Yes, Mr. Harris. Have I done something wrong? Do you need to punish me?”

“I most certainly do.” Dream Harris snapped his fingers at her. “That last letter you typed out for me was full of mistakes. Do you know what happens when you make mistakes, Miss Sparks?”

“I get a spanking?” Holly looked up hopefully, her full ass and hips twitching as she spoke what appeared to be the magic word.

Grant gasped aloud as he watched the fantasy play out, his hands clenching into fists at his sides. A spanking? Punishment? Could it be that Holly craved these things the way he craved to do them to her? He was hoping to see her get put over dream Harris’s knee and spanked next but he was disappointed.

“Normally, yes, you do get a spanking,” dream Harris was saying. “But I’m in a hurry today. This time I think we can dispense with the spanking and go straight to the next punishment. So…” He lifted Holly’s chin and looked down into her wide, innocent blue eyes. “Suck my cock, Holly. Suck me hard and long until I come down your throat.”

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