Anyone U Want(5)

By: Evangeline Anderson

“Thanks a lot,” Holly muttered as her friend left the living room. For a moment she wondered if Abby might be right. She and Mr. Harris had a lot in common. Was it possible that her boss might share her sexual interests as well? And might he feel about her the way she felt about him?

Then sanity reasserted itself. No matter what a good, considerate boss Mr. Harris was, that was all he was—her boss. And he was so far above her he might as well be a star in the sky—something to wish on and dream about but not something she could actually ever have.

“Get over it, Holly,” she told herself with a sigh as she grabbed the remote and flipped on the vid-wall. “You’re his assistant, not his girlfriend. And that’s how it’s going to stay.”

Chapter Two

Grant Harris the Third wasn’t exactly sure when he’d fallen for his shy but intriguing assistant. Maybe it was the first time he’d heard her sexy little purr of a laugh. Or when he saw her reading a book that happened to be one of his favorites and found out it was her favorite too. Or maybe it was the first time he’d seen her bend over to pick something up and got to really appreciate that round, luscious ass she hid behind her boxy business skirts. Hell—maybe it was a combination of all those things. Whatever the cause the effect was the same—Grant wanted Holly like he’d never wanted a woman before.

Too bad she was off limits.

He paced around his spacious office, dictating business correspondence and watching her from the corner of his eye as she took notes on the iThink holo pad. The device was top of the line. It would record not just his image and words but his body temperature, heart rate and the mood he’d been in when the recording was made as well as Miss Sparks’ private notes and reminders. And Grant was watching his assistant every bit as attentively as the machine was watching him.

Holly wasn’t the kind of woman the world expected him to date—that was for sure. She wasn’t super slim or tall or blonde and tanned. Her hair wasn’t sleek and perfectly coifed. Oh, she always looked businesslike, twisting her auburn curls into a plump bun at the nape of her neck. But somehow a tendril or two always managed to escape their prison, giving her a sexy fly-away look. Instead of little black dresses she wore sensible heels and frumpy business clothes that didn’t show her true shape although it was plain enough that she was full figured, especially around her ripe, squeezable ass. In fact, if Grant had been a different kind of man he would have had his hands on that ass a long time ago.

No, can’t think like that, he reminded himself firmly as he went on dictating business by rote. Holly’s off limits and you know it.

Grant knew he should just forget his assistant and try to start dating again which he hadn’t been doing for the past year and a half since he realized Holly was the one he wanted. He ought to leave her alone and try to meet the kind of woman a man of his wealth and stature was supposed to go out with. The trouble was, he’d tried dating those women and they left him cold.

Running the largest hovercar corporation in the world didn’t leave him a lot of time to meet people. So for a while he’d employed a dating service that catered specifically to the super rich. But all the girls they set him up with seemed to be the same—tall, skinny, and just a little too interested in his money. Grant would never forget the last “date” he’d gone on with one of these supermodel-type gold diggers.

The woman had been perfectly coifed, her platinum blonde hair piled into a gleaming mass on top of her head. She was bone-thin, her tan skin stretched tightly across her exotically high cheekbones—so tightly it looked like her skeleton was trying to get out of her body. Adding the hair-do to the five inch spiked heels she had strapped to her exquisitely pedicured feet, she was almost as tall as Grant.

On top of being a perfect ten, his prospective date had a pedigree as long as his arm—something that would surely please his family—not that Grant really cared. Being a debutant and having a blood line you could trace back to Plymouth Rock didn’t automatically make a woman sexy or interesting or fun to be with. But the dating service had sent her so he felt it was his duty to at least try. Holly had only been working for him for about six months at that time and he hadn’t yet realized his feelings for her so he’d had his date meet him at the office.

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