Anyone U Want(9)

By: Evangeline Anderson

And it was this last feature that made Holly so glad she was finally here. Not that she was looking to hire a male escort—not exactly, anyway. But the moon was the home base of a company she’d done a lot of research on—Anyone U Want Androids Inc. In fact, from the moment her boss had told her they were probably going to take a business trip to the moon, it had been all she could think about.

Anyone U Want specialized in making very special and specific fantasies come true. If you wanted to do something to someone that you couldn’t get away with in real life, Anyone U Want was the place to go. Want to sleep with your best friend’s wife? Or kill your boss? Or spend time with a loved one who had passed on? Anyone U Want could arrange all of these scenarios and more with their specialized, customizable androids.

All you had to do was give them a recording of the person you wanted reproduced, a basic script of how you wanted the scene to play out, and twenty-four hours notice and you could have your fantasy down to the tiniest detail—at least that was what their brochure claimed. And Holly was desperate to believe it.

She would rather have died than admit it but the reason she’d chosen The Pleasure Dome over the Moon Hilton wasn’t just what she’d told Mr. Harris about putting his competition off guard. It was also because The Pleasure Dome was only a few blocks from Anyone U Want. With any luck she’d be able to nip down and place her order tonight and then have her fantasy later on in the week. She could tell her boss that she was doing a little sightseeing and he would never suspect a thing—she hoped.

She could still remember the odd look he’d given her when she got all hot and bothered over his speech about dominating and punishing the new employees under his command if he chose to take over Psi-no Industries. Probably he thought she was a little crazy, but at least he’d been nice enough not to mention it again. Holly didn’t know what had come over her but the way he’d been talking in that deep voice of his had just about pushed her over the edge. God, she needed this release so badly! She just hoped that the Anyone U Want fantasy would live up to her expectations.

It was going to be horrendously expensive, of course. The Anyone U Want fee was going to use up her entire Christmas bonus and then some. She’d be living on nutrient paste for a month just to make ends meet when this was over. But it was worth it—so totally worth it to have Mr. Harris the way she wanted him, the way she craved him so badly.

Holly’s legs trembled at the very thought and she could feel her pussy getting hot and wet under the innocent cotton panel of her panties. God, to have him master her, dominate and punish her the way she needed to be dominated and punished! Even if it was only once in her life, she was sure she could live on the memories forever. And she would have to because she was fairly sure this opportunity was never going to come around again.

Digging through her suitcase for the tiny image-bee she’d packed with her favorite fantasy from her dream-viewer headset, she was surprised to find the headset itself among her things, along with the Anyone U Want brochure. She didn’t remember packing it and in fact, she never brought it along on business trips. It was far too risky. Not that Mr. Harris would ever go through her things but still… Shaking her head she covered the offending piece of equipment with a bra and panty set made of pale green silk. She liked pretty underwear and this was the set she’d brought to wear during her Anyone U Want fantasy. Hopefully Mr. Harris—or the android representing him anyway—would be ripping it off of her sometime later this week.

The chronometer on her wrist beeped, reminding her that she only had an hour before her boss came back from his preliminary meeting. Meeks had insisted on seeing him alone so Mr. Harris had reluctantly left Holly at the hotel. But she knew the minute he got back he’d want to go over everything that had been said and done so she had to hurry.

Leaving the suitcase on the bed she snatched her room key-chip and ran out the door. The sooner she got her fantasy with the android Mr. Harris set up, the sooner she could come back and spend time with the real Mr. Harris.

Chapter Four

“Miss Sparks? Are you in there?” Back early from his meeting, Grant tapped gently on the connecting door between his room and his assistant’s. There was no answer but the door was ajar and his gentle motion pushed it open. Looking inside he saw the plush king size bed made up in a scarlet and purple spread that matched the gaudy flocked velvet wallpaper on the walls. The Pleasure Dome liked to make the most of its reputation as a high class red light hotel and its kitschy décor reflected that right down to the crimson shag carpeting and the gold plated bathroom fixtures.

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