Aryn's Desire(10)

By: Zoey Derrick

The idea of being in her shoes sends a shiver up my spine, though not in repulsion, but rather desire. It’s unnerving to me, but I can’t help wondering if it is the scene that is about to happen or if it has something to do with Dex.

That thought pulls me up short and I do what I can to try and shake off the thought. I haven’t the faintest clue where all this shit is coming from all of a sudden. It’s not like Dex is a new friend. These thoughts have been a little more frequent since Raine came into his life. Everyone around me has been matched up it seems. Mouse and Peacock found each other, Addison ran away with Talon and Kyle, not to mention Rusty and Tori’s advancing relationship. They’ve moved in with each other, by the way.

Dex keeps talking to Raine, but I’ve tuned out what he is saying to her. He stands, extends his hand to her and she takes it, rising up off the floor and he ushers her over to me. “What would you like to see?” Dex asks me.

I shrug. “I’ve never seen any of this stuff before. I wouldn’t know where to start.”

Dex smiles. “Okay then, Raine, can you get the bench out, please?”

“Yes, Master.” She turns and goes over toward what looks like an old kneeling bench that you’d find in the front of churches for communion   and she slides it across the wood floor, and it glides easily. Whether by wheels or by those furniture pads, I have no idea.

She centers it in the room and then stands next to it, lowering her head. “Thank you, pet,” Dex praises her and she lights up under his gentle praise. “Kneel,” he orders and she doesn’t hesitate for a nanosecond before turning and positioning herself on the lower step of the bench. If I didn’t know any better, by the way she places her hands, I’d think she was actually going to pray.

Dex turns to me. “Raine and I have consensual agreements on what will happen here tonight, as well as rules we follow when we’re in here alone. She also has a safeword.” I give him a quizzical look, silently asking him to explain. “Pet?”

“Yes, Master?”

“Will you explain to Beck your safeword. Why you have it and what happens if you use it?”

“Yes, Master.” She doesn’t move from her position on the bench and it only takes a moment for me to understand why- he didn’t grant her permission to do so. “My safeword is kit-kat, like the candy. I can use it any time Master pushes me too far or he causes me physical or emotional pain that I cannot tolerate. Or sometimes outside of the playroom, if Master has done something or said something that bothers me, hurts me, or otherwise causes emotional distress.” I’m beginning to understand, but she clarifies further by saying, “If my safeword is used, it means all activity stops and we discuss what happened to trigger me to use my safeword. If we’re in here, I am immediately removed from the situation I’m in and Master removes me from the room. Allowing me a chance to calm down and for us to discuss what happened. At which point, all playing stops for the night.”

“Have you ever used your safeword, pet?”

“Yes, Master,” she says with a sadness in her voice and Dex comforts her by stroking his hand along her back and she relaxes.

“Safewords are meant to keep all activities safe, sane and consensual. Also, words like no and stop are often used by parties involved without actually wanting the person to stop what they’re doing, or because it is a natural reaction. Having a safeword forces the submissive or bottom to make a conscious decision about stopping the scene. Oftentimes, and we’ve seen it many times, tears are shed and other emotions come out of a submissive during a scene. In fact, there are a couple of people at a club here in Los Angeles that cry their way into subspace.”

“What’s that?” I ask.

“That is something we can talk about later, but in short, it is a state of mind that a submissive can find within a scene, or by doing everyday things asked of them by their Top. It’s kind of like a euphoria, so to speak.”

“Uh, okay?” I say with hesitation. Safewords are not something I’ve heard of before, but then again, I didn’t show up here tonight with the intention of coming in here to their private dungeon, though that seems to be the wrong word for it. It’s anything but.

As our time in their room progresses, Dex walks me through some of the instruments he uses. He also has no problem showing me how they feel, either on my forearm or my hand, for some of the paddles and such.

I fought hard at first to keep the erection I’d gotten in the kitchen at bay, but there was something highly arousing feeling each implement and watching Dex use them on Raine directly.

Also By Zoey Derrick

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