Aryn's Desire(2)

By: Zoey Derrick

Her pussy convulses, her hips twitch and she cries out as she orgasms and then stops.

Her hands release the straps and she falls forward onto my chest, snuggling into me. You have got to be kidding me.

I try to slide my cock into her pussy but the angle is awful and she clamps her hips down on me and squeezes me out.

I roll my eyes. A fucking one and done. No wonder why she sucked my cock for so long. If she’d been any good at it, I might have been able to come when she did, but nope.

My cock goes soft. The condom is irritating me. “Up you go.” I fight the urge to growl in anger at her.

She groans and snuggles into me.

“Nope, you gotta get up. I gotta take this condom off,” I say through clenched teeth and she lazily starts to move, finally rolling off me to sit next to me.

I pull the condom from my dick and tie it off, then stuff it into the trash bag I keep in the back of my truck and I pull my jeans up. “You need to get dressed before I open the door,” I tell her and she whines and reluctantly gets up.

She lays her head on my back, wrapping her arms around me. Yup, I should have known she’d be the type. I pat her arm. “I gotta get moving. I have to be to work in an hour,” I lie.

“Where do you work?” she says sleepily.

“I’m a bouncer in a bar.”

“Oh? What bar?”

“It’s exclusive,” I grumble.

“Can I come with you?”

I fight the urge to sigh while rolling my eyes. “Not tonight, sweetheart.”

“Some other night?”

“Definitely,” I lie again.

“Okay, Mike.” Oh good, she was paying attention. “I need to get your number,” she says as she lets me go and goes fishing for her jeans.

“After you get dressed,” I tell her and she scurries into action, pulling her jeans on, then her top. She conveniently forgets her panties. I’ve seen this routine before; she’s going to give them to me as ‘something to remember our first night together’.

Once she’s sufficiently covered, I pop the back gate and climb out. She follows shortly after, phone in hand, ready to put in my number.

“What’s your number, baby?” she coos.

“Nine oh three, five, seven, six, eight,” I tell her and she quickly keys it in. I can’t help but glance over her shoulder, curious what I got labeled this time. Hottie Mike. I roll my eyes again, she can’t even be original.

“Great, I just texted you mine.”

“Perfect.” There is a chime that rings from the front seat of my car, she hears it and turns toward me. “Got it,” I tell her.

She wraps her arms around me. “I wish you didn’t have to go so soon.”

“I know, I’m sorry.” I give her a tentative pat on the back. “But text me,” I tell her with a smirk.

“Alright,” she says but doesn’t release me, instead she tucks something into my back pocket. Her panties.

“What are you doing?” I pull back.

“Oh, just something for you to remember me by.”

I smile sweetly at her. The only person in this conversation that knows the smile is fake is me.

I lean down and kiss her quickly on the head and I close the gate of the truck and move around it. She follows and the pleasantries continue for another minute or so before she heads back inside the bar and I pull out. As soon as I round the corner, out of sight, I pull her panties from my pocket and I toss them out the window. I look at my phone.

There’s a text from Dex. “You have excellent timing, motherfucker.” I smile.



“Where are you?” Dex asks. I called him because I needed to put some distance between me and the bar.

“I was out.”

“Trolling again? Did you score?”

“Shut it,” I snap.

“Wow, what the hell climbed up your cooter?”

“Fuck off,” I tell him again.

“No, seriously, what’s the deal?”

“Not a conversation to have on the phone. What do you need?” I let the tension and my irritation roll off me the longer Dex is on my phone. Dex and I have been the best of friends since the moment we met a few years ago. Though being a bodyguard should prevent personal relationships, being in close proximity to Dex is something that’s required. I quickly learned that he needed me more than he realized and by needing me, it usually meant rescuing him from his revolving door of women or retrieving him from all night drug binges. At least until he got sober. Now I seem to be his voice of reason, well, I was until Raine came along.

No, I’m not bitter about it. She is great to him and even better for him. She and I get along well, despite our history back in New York. I’ve slept with my best friend’s wife. Though I’d hardly call it that and I don’t dwell on the fact that it happened. The night was fucked up from the word go and only got worse. I’m not the type to feel guilty about sleeping with a woman, but I did when it came to her. I knew then that she and Dex were meant to be together and I just got in the way.

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