Aryn's Desire(4)

By: Zoey Derrick

If you’d asked me what my ideal woman looks like, I’d tell you to shove it. I haven’t a fucking clue. I’m thirty-four fucking years old and I’ve had less than a handful of relationships that have lasted longer than a week. Usually, because I get bored and move on, stop returning phone calls or change my number. I’ve never once brought a woman home to my apartment, thank god - they don’t need to turn stalker.

The strangest part about this is the fact that I’ve never thought of myself as being a one-woman kind of guy. The idea of monogamy is…I shudder at my own internal thoughts. Basically, I cannot imagine one person I could spend my whole life with.

When Addison hooked up with both Talon and Kyle while 69 Bottles was on tour, I’d started to wonder if that was the type of relationship for me. An open one. I’d never really thought about it before, but I often wonder if I too could handle another guy and a woman.

It’s that thought that makes me shiver and my cock harden.

When Dex and Raine hooked up, and for as many times as Dex and I shared women, I wondered if maybe the three of us would end up together. I could tell from the way Raine looked at me that she was attracted to me and the feeling was mutual. But like any other woman in my life, I managed to brush it off as soon as I got off. When Dex started babbling on and on about her, I knew then that he wasn’t that type of guy at all. I cannot imagine him sharing his woman with anyone.

The idea of a threesome with Dex and Raine morphed into me with two different women at the same time. One curvy and luscious, the other skinnier but she has an amazing ass. The kind I could sink my fingers into as I drill my cock deep into her pussy while her face is buried in the cunt of the curvy, well-endowed partner laying spread eagle on the bed.

I shiver as I take my cock in my hand and start to stroke. Closing my eyes, I let the fantasy fill me. The sensations of hands, hot cunts, and warm mouths is enough to tip me over the edge and into an orgasm that sends my cum flying all over the shower and forces me to brace myself against the wall so I don’t fall over.

I clean up my mess, wash myself off and climb out of the shower, pulling on a pair of pajama pants. I pull my suit from the closet, inspect it, and hang it back on the bar. I’ll need it for tomorrow.

Once that’s done, I go into the living room, grabbing another beer along the way before hitting the couch and watching TV. Jesus, my life sucks.


I HAVEN’T BEEN up on the top floor of Bold International since before the start of my career with 69 Bottles. Though they are my true priority- well, Dex and Raine are- I often get reassigned for temporary gigs when the band doesn’t really need me.

Since the twins were born, Addison, Talon & Kyle’s, they haven’t had much need for us. Mills usually handles things with them when necessary and then pulls Rusty, another of Bold’s security guys and Mills’s second in command, into the mix when he needs another set of eyes or hands.

Dex and Raine, though they go out frequently, usually tell me to take a hike, which is fine, but I usually don’t go very far. But Dex is the band's drummer and while he’s insanely hot, he’s not the popular target that Talon is as the band’s lead.

Mouse and Peacock, 69 Bottles’ guitarists, have Casey, who from my understanding is around them a lot of the time just as friends. Hell, the last I’d heard a couple weeks back was that Casey had moved in with them temporarily. Which I thought was rather odd, given the fact that they just got married about a month ago. Oh well, not my monkey, not my circus.

“Cami is ready for you,” Cami’s assistant says from behind her desk. I actually kind of miss having Raine up here. But she’s doing a damn good job making a name for herself by helping Addison out and taking on more clients.

“Thanks,” I mutter as I pass her and knock on the door to Cami’s office.

“Come in,” Cami says from the other side and I open the door.

Sitting at her desk, Cami is a petite little pocket rocket of a CEO. The girl has no qualms about expressing who she is. Often showing up with multi-colored hair and clothing that makes no secret of the tattoos she wears. When I say she wears them, she wears them and not the other way around. Sitting across from her in one of the two chairs is Mills.

Mills is tall, same height as me, but a little wider in the shoulders. He’s ex-military and it shows. Not just in the short buzz cut, but the way he carries himself and his ability to think quickly and efficiently. I guess that may be why we’ve bonded so well. Though he is ex-Marine and I’m ex-Army, the respect for each other is mutual.

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