Aryn's Desire(5)

By: Zoey Derrick

“Thanks for coming in on such short notice,” Cami tells me as she stands up. Mills joins her and we exchange handshakes and pleasantries before she gets down to the brass tacks of why I’m here.

“We need your help,” Mills tells me.

“I figured as much. What’s up?” I ask.

“We have a client. Alyssa Serin, who will be doing a worldwide release tour for an upcoming movie. She needs a small detail team to travel with her.”

“Why the detail?” I ask. There usually isn’t a need to add a full detail unless there have been issues arising either with her current staff or outside influences.

“She’s had a bit of a problem with her current head of security. He’s unfocused and frankly, she’s concerned that her safety is in jeopardy when it comes to big, public events,” Cami answers. Mills hasn’t said anything at this point and I start to wonder why he’s here.

“Will I have to work with this idiot?” I ask.

“No,” Mills states firmly. “We’re working to reassign him to someone who is on a much smaller scale than Alyssa. Someone who can afford a distracted guard.”

I curl my lip. “Why not just fire him?” I ask. “I mean, it’s none of my business, but obviously he’s not doing his job very well.”

“Well, we’re getting there. But often times when we see a distraction, there are other underlying factors and in this case, I’m pretty confident that is the issue,” Cami tells me.

“Regardless of that. You’d have a small team of three, including yourself. One spot is already filled with Troy.” I nod my approval. Troy joined 69 Bottles’ security team about halfway through the tour, after a couple of unfortunate incidents involving Addison. He’s good people, and very efficient at what he does. I’m honored to have him as part of any team I am on. “And the other spot is up to you.”

“What about Casey?” I ask. Casey is a great choice as a third person. He’s efficient enough and he follows directions well. Not to mention that the little shit is quick and has an uncanny ability to sneak up on you. A great tactic when trying to stay incognito.

Mills and Cami both look at each other, before Mills turns back to me and replies, “We’d planned on asking him.”

“Good, I think he’d be a good bet,” I tell them both. “When does this so-called tour start?” I ask them.

“You’re scheduled to return from the album launch on the fifteenth, so that will give you a little over a week. The tour starts here in Los Angeles on the twenty-fourth.” She looks to Mills. “We’ll have to figure out Dex and Raine’s schedule, whether they’re going from North Carolina to New York or coming back here then going.”

“Dex and Raine are going to North Carolina?” I ask, puzzled. Neither one of them has said anything to me about this trip.

“Yeah, they’re leaving later this week.” Cami gives me a puzzled look in return.

I raise an eyebrow. “That’s news to me.”

“Oh,” Cami says, surprised. “I’d only heard about it this morning, so…”

“We have plans tomorrow to get together, unless they call me before then.”

“Oh, okay, good,” Cami says, flustered.

“If you take the new assignment; which we’re not giving you much choice,” Cami smirks, “When you return from the album launch, we’ll need you to get together with Alyssa to start working and figuring out your plans.” She hands me a stapled stack of papers. “In there is the itinerary, schedule of events and things of that nature. It is a promo tour, so there are premieres, as well as the radio station and TV events that will fill up your days in the various places. Los Angeles and New York are up first, followed by Nashville, London, Berlin and finally Sydney, Australia. Travel will be intense, hitting many places quickly. Alyssa is the lead, so she is required by the studio to be at all these events. There are several hundred other ones, but she’s only taking these main markets.”

“That’s a hell of a lot of pond hopping. Though I’ve never been to Berlin or Sydney before,” I tell her honestly.

“We’ve made arrangements with some of our affiliates to step in and help out on the foreign stops. We can’t expect you to handle transportation and the likes when you barely know the city itself,” Mills tells me, and I nod my understanding and approval.

We continue talking about the finer points that I need to be aware of before I sign my contract and I’m out the door. All the information I need is in my hands. Mills catches up to me after I leave the office. “Thanks for doing this,” he says.

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