Aryn's Desire(6)

By: Zoey Derrick

“No problem. I’m assuming you’ve got Dex, Eric and Calvin covered while Casey and I are away?”

“Absolutely. I’m pulling in Leroy, so between Rusty, Tori, Leroy, and myself, it’s handled. They don’t have anything else on the schedule until well after you’re back home.”

I nod and give him a smile. “Thanks for giving me my own team,” I tell him, and I honestly mean it. Though I’ve worked with Mills for a few years, I’ve never tried to step on his toes, which is hard as fuck when you’re trying to advance in this business.

“You’ve earned it, and you deserve it. I’ve met Alyssa and she’s very nice, cooperative, she shouldn’t give you too much hassle.”

I smile again. “That’s good to know, but I’m sure I could handle her if that wasn’t the case.”

He smiles then and extends his hand. “I know you can.” I take his hand and he grabs my shoulder, giving it a squeeze as the elevator arrives. “I’m a phone call away. But I’m sure I’ll see you before then. There’s that dinner thing on Wednesday this week.”

The light bulb goes off. “I’d nearly forgotten. Then I will see you Wednesday.”

We part ways when I step into the elevator and descend back to the first floor and to the parking garage.

I text Dex: What the hell is in Nashville?

Dex to Beck: How the hell did you find out?

Beck to Dex: Been reassigned…tell you more tomorrow.

Dex to Beck: Fuck that, come over tonight.

Beck to Dex: Yeah, alright, be there in an hour.

Dex to Beck: We’re home.

Beck to Dex: Duh, I’m not there…LOL

Dex to Beck: Shut it and hurry up.

I climb into my truck and pull out of the parking garage, turning right instead of left as I head toward Dex and Raine’s condo.


“WHAT’S WITH THE monkey suit?” Dex asks when he opens the door.

“I had to go into Cami’s office today.” I hold up my duffle bag. “Mind if I change?”

He opens the door for me to come inside. “Not at all, seeing you dressed like that is unnerving. I want to ask you where the funeral is.”

I shoulder check him when I pass and he laughs.

“What’d Cami want?”


“I knew that. Who? When?”

“Nosy much?” I cock an eyebrow at him.

“Well, I need you to come to North Carolina and Nashville with us, so yeah, you gonna be able to go?”

“What makes you think I want to go?” I snicker.

He rolls his eyes. “Because you’re having so much fun here,” he says, and he’s right. I get bored when I’m stuck in one place too long and Los Angeles is getting on my nerves.

“Yeah, since Cami seemed to know more about it than I do, she would have picked someone else if it would interfere with your trip. So when are we leaving?”

“Friday,” Raine says as she comes down the stairs. She’s shorter, maybe five-five or five-six with multi-colored hair, everything from blonde, black, red and even some shades of brown about shoulder length. Despite being short, she’s confident and well, gorgeous.

“Hi, sweetheart,” I tell her and she smiles at me.

“Hey.” She smiles as she rounds the banister and comes over to give me a hug.

“You doing alright?” I ask.

“Never better,” she smiles up at me. “We’re gonna be gone for almost two weeks. That won’t be a problem, will it?” she asks honestly.

I shake my head. “Over Christmas and New Year’s?” She nods. “No, so long as I have a couple days back home before taking off for New York. Unless we’re going straight to New York from there?”

“I hadn’t thought about that,” Raine adds. “Maybe we should just make arrangements to get up there afterwards, rather than coming back here?” She looks at Dex who shrugs.

“Whatever you guys decide is fine, I just need to know whether I have to pack all my shit for New York too,” I add.

“Our friend Derek, the one we’re staying with, is sending his plane here to fly us to North Carolina, so whatever luggage you need won’t be an issue,” Raine tells me. Are private planes flying across the country to pick up these two knuckleheads? Must be nice to have friends in high places.

“Well, you guys decide. I’ll let Mills know one way or the other.”

“Oh, that won’t be a problem,” Dex chimes in. “Go change, that suit is making me crazy. Get comfortable. We’re ordering in and we have booze,” he laughs as he heads into the kitchen with Raine in tow.

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