Aryn's Desire(96)

By: Zoey Derrick

“Answer me, boy. What are you doing here?”

“I’ve come to you, Sir. To offer myself to you. To give you my mind and my body to cherish. I’ve come to surrender to you, Sir. To give you what you seek. A submissive at your feet, a lover for your bed. I cannot promise I will be any good at this, Sir, but I will do everything in my power to listen, to learn and to be everything you wish me to be while I am everything I want to be. To please you, to serve you and be cherished by you, my Sir.”

My heart is pounding in my chest. My lungs fight for air.

I bring my hand up to his chin and lift his face. I need to see his eyes, to see he means this. That this is really what he wants.

“Are you sure, my dear sweet boy?”

“I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life, Sir.”

When I met this man, I knew there was something special about him, something that I had to have, but I never realized that he would need me as much as I need him.

“I prefer to be called Master,” I tell him.

“Yes, Master.”

My heart swells with pride and I realize the dungeon has fallen silent around us.

“I promise to nurture you, to cherish you, to train you and to push you to reach your goals. I promise to protect you and to honor you both as my submissive and as my lover.”

I can see the emotion welling in Aryn’s eyes, but it’s not out of fear. It’s out of desire. Aryn’s desire for me and my devotion to him.

“Stand, my sweet boy. I want you to stand for me now,” I order and he complies, rising to his knees and finally his feet. With my hand still on his chin, I slide it around to cup his cheek.

He settles into my palm, the pain of his past reflects in his eyes as he closes them, savoring my touch. With my free hand, I cup his other cheek and pull him toward me.

“I’ve waited for you for a long time,” I breathe as I press my lips against his. Our tongues slide along each other and I know I’ve found my home. My submissive, my sweet boy. Now to train him, command him and keep him.

Also By Zoey Derrick

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