Aryn's Desire

By: Zoey Derrick

 (Finding Submission Book 1)


*~* ARYN *~*

I wish I could tell you that the chick slobbering all over my dick was actually doing a good job. Okay, maybe she’s not doing a half bad job, but I’ll be damned if I’m enjoying it. Sure, it will get me off, eventually, but I’d hardly call it a qualified success.

“That’s it, baby,” I encourage her. She’s blonde and well, easy. I picked her up in a bar not more than an hour ago, and here we are, in the back of my Durango, in some parking lot in the middle of Los Angeles.

Since 69 Bottles came off tour about seven months ago, I haven’t had much luck in the chick department. In fact, the last semi-decent experience I had was all the way back in New York, with my charge and best friend Dex and his new wife, Raine. Though that was hardly a success either. Sure, Raine is hot as hell, but the chick had a set of balls on her that drove me mad. Okay, not really balls, but she sure stuck it to Dex. That man was whipped from day one.

I slide my hand into the blonde’s hair, guiding and helping her though it seems pointless. I’d had no intention of screwing her, but… “I have an idea,” I tell her and I pull a condom from my pocket and hand it to her. Her eyes light up and she doesn’t hesitate to rip it open. I fight the urge to roll my eyes. She has the doe-eyed look down pat and I know where this is going. She’s going to ask for my number when this is over, but what’s sad is I don’t remember her name. If she told me, I didn’t hear it, or I just don’t give a shit.

She rolls the condom over my cock and then sits up, unhooking her bra, though why she’s wearing one is kind of beyond me. She’s barely big enough to handle one and it’s disappointing really. Though I’ve always considered myself more of an ass man than a boob man, having both is always a perk.

She makes a sad attempt at pressing her tits together around my cock and I let my head fall back. Trying to act interested, though my mind starts to wander elsewhere.

I think back to that night in New York. I’m not entirely sure what went wrong with Raine and Dex that night, why he froze and why she bolted out the door. The reason for my distraction didn’t have much to do with Raine or that I was sticking my dick in her, but more to the fact that Dex was naked.

I shake my head, dispelling the thoughts of Dex. No, I’m not gay. I like boobs, I like cunts and the asses that come with them.

She unzips her pants, momentarily distracting me. Oddly enough, a vision comes to mind…what if she had a cock? What if she were…yeah, it’s possible. She’s not my most feminine of choices. Her jeans slide down, taking her panties with them and I’m met with… I sigh, though to her it probably sounds more like desire as she awkwardly makes her way out of her jeans.

When she’s free of the trap of pants, she slides her hand down her stomach and over her hairless mound. Fingering her pussy briefly before bringing her hand to her mouth, licking it and returning it to her slit. She has a nice big clit, one that would be great for sucking on, but I’m definitely not in the mood for that, not tonight.

Her eyes roll up into her head as she pleasures herself. In an effort to keep myself hard, I grab my dick in my hand and start to stroke it gently while watching her. Though I see her, I’m looking through her more than I’m actually paying attention to her. I’m not conceited, okay maybe a little, but I’m a good looking guy. I’m tall, muscular with my own sex appeal and of course the dirty blond hair everyone loves, but this chick has got to be a new low for me. Though I never actually hand over my real name when meeting chicks in clubs, this one in particular got the name I use when I really want nothing more to do with them.

After a few more moans, strokes and flicks of fingers, she finally straddles me. Her pussy comes to rest over the head of my cock. I smell her arousal now and though she doesn’t smell awful, it’s definitely not a sweet smell, the smell I love so much. She lowers herself onto my shaft. “Mmm,” I moan, she doesn’t feel half bad. A little snug, this might not be so bad.

Once she’s lowered herself onto my cock, she sits up, grabbing hold of the handles that run along the top of the windows in the back of my truck to give herself leverage and I give her points for creativity.

In an attempt to put forth some effort into this excursion, I cup her small tits in my big hands, and roll her tiny nipples between my thumb and forefinger. She moans and her pussy clenches down on my cock. She starts to grind. Her eyes roll up into her head again and she begins moaning louder and louder, to the point of a high pitched squeal.

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