B.A.D. 2:Bold and Dangerous

By: Taquila Thompson


I looked Bubba square in his eyes. He was dragging our crew into a whole bunch of bullshit, fucking with our money, and my best friend was dead because of all his bullshit. The worst part was it all could’ve been avoided if he had stuck to the rules or had just dated me instead of her. I wouldn’t have minded him creeping around on me, because I was into my own thing. Hell, we could’ve had a threesome if he felt the need for some outside pussy, but now all of that was gone. He could rot in hell, because as far as I was concerned, the friendship that we had once shared was gone.

“Precious, if you’re going to shoot me, go ahead and do it. You’ve known me long enough to know that I’m not going to beg you to let me live,” said Bubba, keeping his gun pointed at me.

“You shoot! You’re the big, bad gangsta who likes runnin’ around and gettin’ niggas shot up!” I said with my gun trained on him, just like he had taught me years ago.

“I think you’re just scared.” He smirked. “You got all that mouth, but it looks like you’re nothing more than a li’l bitch who can’t back shit up!”

“How about both of y’all calm the fuck down?!” yelled Kevin “We all family in here, there is no need for all this drama. We got enough of that outside of here.”

“Nah, fuck that! He put himself before all of us, including you. You were the one who had to hold things down while he was off doing whatever he wanted to do,” I said. “He gave us all the big ‘fuck you!’”

“If he valued himself more than all of us, then why the fuck would he have risked his life to come save me and Yolanda? The nigga was grieving. Give him a break. He’s human,” said Kevin. “Isn’t that the reason you’re pullin’ your gun out on him now? Because you’re still grieving over Brandy?”

“Yeah, but you’re his brother, and Yolanda is his new bitch! Of course he would save y’all,” I said. I was already tired of this conversation. I knew I was right about Bubba, and there was nothing that Kevin could say to me that would change my mind.

“Look, quit your yapping and bust one if you real,” said Bubba lowering his gun. “I’m standing right here, giving you a free shot at me, so go on and do it already.”

I looked at him, thinking hard. As angry as I was at him, I didn’t want to shoot him. I actually still cared a lot about him, I just couldn’t stand with him. Not anymore. Not after everything that had gone down. Maybe Kevin was right. I was grieving Brandy, just like he was. Besides, I knew that if I shot him, an all-out war would break out in the meeting house, because Bubba was still the head nigga in charge. I lowered my gun and nodded at the small crew behind me.

“A’ight, I’m out. You don’t need to worry about me anymore,” I said.

“Don’t worry, I won’t,” said Bubba. “You’re nothing more than a li’l bitch in my book. I thought that you had more heart than that. Guess I was wrong.”

I looked at him, and his eyes were so cold. It was as if the man I knew was no in longer there. I barely recognized him, he was now a different man. He seemed to be a little disappointed. Does he want me to kill him? I wondered to myself. I walked out of the Bend House with my small crew behind me. Once outside, I noticed all of cars driving by and the kids playing basketball and joking around. They didn’t have a care in the world, their world just kept spinning. Me, on the other hand…I had just walked away from everything I’d known for the last nine years of my life. Bubba, Kevin, Makayla, and I were the original four in the crew. I joined six months after they had officially started it. Kevin came and spoke to me the night after I had gotten the worst beating of my life from my mom. I thought for sure that she was going to kill me. He was literally my savior, and I thought nothing would ever come between us.

I looked down and touched my arm. The scar was still there…she burned me with the hot iron because I wouldn’t wash the dishes. I screamed so loud, but no one was there to save me and no one cared, except for the three of them. They were my family, but I guess I had a new family now. One that I could control. I looked back at my crew and they were just standing there waiting on me.

Also By Taquila Thompson

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