Bad Boys of Romance:a Biker Anthology(8)

By: Kasey Millstead

I drop my head a little, waiting on her to make the next move. I don’t have to wait long. She moves slightly, coming forward. Right before her mouth connects with mine, she pauses. And, that damn tongue comes out to lick at her bottom lip, swiping mine in the process. I can’t hold back any longer. My head falls and my mouth slams into hers. I push her back into the wall, my hands move up to grip her neck, my fingers holding her jaw so I can tilt her head and deepen the kiss.

Her fingers dig into my sides as she grips me, holding me close to her.

My tongue plunges inside of her mouth and she whimpers.

Fuck, she tastes like heaven.

I can’t get enough.

I don’t want to stop.

I almost roar with pleasure when her hands sneak around and grip my ass, squeezing and massaging as she pulls me even closer to her, if that’s possible.

All too soon, I pull back. I open my eyes, resting my forehead against her as we both pant. Her eyes open and the glazed look in them almost has me dragging her to the bedroom.

“Let me explain everything to you. Don’t push me away.” I’m not above begging.

She swallows hard and then nods slightly. “Okay.”

I lean back in and touch my lips to hers in a brief kiss. “Thank you.”


Somewhere, in a deep recess in my brain, a voice of reason is screaming, what the fuck are you doing? But, it doesn’t take much effort for me to close the voice off.

I can’t get enough.

His mouth. God. God! His mouth. So skilled and sweet. Firm, yet gentle. Commanding, yet sensual in his assault. So, so good. Addictive.

But, so wrong.


“Fuck.” The whispered word leaves my lips. What have I done? What sort of woman am I, that I would kiss another woman’s husband?

Oh God.

I’m a home-wrecker.

I feel sick.

“Hey. Hey!” Switch’s harsh voice filters through my mental bashing of myself. “Quit it,” he orders.

“What?” I blink, suddenly coming back to the present.

“Get out of your fuckin’ head.” He tugs my hand and leads me over to the couch. He sits and then gives my hand a pull. I fall down next to him, and I immediately respect that he cares enough to give me some space. I think we both know he could have pulled me into his lap and I would have stayed without much of a fight.

“You said you’d let me explain. So, let me do it without you going into your head.”

“Sorry,” I reply meekly.

“Babe,” he sighs, a grin twisting his lips as he shakes his head a couple of times. “Don’t apologize. Ever.”

I swallow down my fears and gather my courage before looking him square in the eyes. “Tell me.”

“My wife,” he sneers and I blink at the clear contempt in his tone. “Is an alcoholic. I married her about three years ago.” I continue to sit and listen quietly as he explains he married someone he didn’t love because she was pregnant and he wanted to do right by his child. I patiently wait as he tells me about living in a hell he thought he deserved because his wife lost their child only days after they married, how he thought he was doing right by the woman by sticking by her and trying to support her as best he could, even though she spends almost every hour of every single day drunk.

“I’ve never even entertained the thought of leaving her and being with someone else. Until I met you. And now, you’re all I can think about. You’ve managed to invade every single thought I have and I can’t escape you. I don’t want to escape you.”

“I’m sorry you’ve been going through this, Switch. It sounds like hell,” I rub his muscled thigh in comfort. “You’ve taken over my mind as well,” I admit quietly.

“Good.” His smile is genuine and I can’t help but reciprocate.

“I don’t want to the other woman. I can’t be that woman.”

“I wouldn’t ask you to be. I am askin’ that you wait for me. I know it’s a lot to ask, but please, give me some time to make this right. Give me some time to get Amber help.”

“I’ll wait. But, Switch?”


“I’m not going to wait forever. I’m not going to sit around waiting for you to leave your wife if it isn’t something that you genuinely want to do. I won’t buy into excuses. If you want to leave her, do what you have to do, and then leave. But, don’t sit here telling me you’ll do it, only to return week after week with some bullshit excuse as to why you haven’t done it yet.”

Also By Kasey Millstead

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