Banished (Forbidden)(129)

By: Kimberley Griffiths Little

Each book I write is a wild adventure, and a never-ending learning curve. At least I have brilliant people who don’t roll their eyes when they read messy first drafts and give my work insightful feedback with a few brainstorming sessions thrown in. Endless gratitude to my superreader son, Jared, my daughter Milly, and my dear friend and author, Jacqueline Garlick, for reading Banished and being there when the angst and fears become overwhelming. I love you guys!

I’m grateful for the wonderful friends I’ve made over the last fifteen years at the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators New Mexico chapter, especially long-time friends Carolee Dean, Caroline Starr Rose, Kersten Hamilton, and Lauren Bjorkman. Thank goodness for weekend retreats in Taos where we can talk all day and night—and throw in a little bit of writing, too.

The launch year of Forbidden has been a thrilling ride of meeting new friends and readers at conferences and bookstores, through Twitter and Facebook, and receiving many wonderful and touching emails. Thank you for all the kind, gushing messages about Forbidden. You make the journey so much brighter. It was a dream come true to travel to Book Expo America and meet my lovely and amazing editor, Karen Chaplin, as well as so many of the people who helped my book along the path of publication. I’m grateful to my editorial director, Rosemary Brosnan; my copy editor, Maya Packard; and all the publicists, marketing folks, and art department geniuses for brilliant and gorgeous covers. Consider yourselves showered with virtual chocolate.

Overflowing thanks go to Adams Literary, for all the wonderful things they’ve brought into my life. Their inspiring optimism, hard work, and friendship makes the writing life a thousand times better. Hugs and kisses, Tracey and Josh!

Thank you, Justin Cook, for the gorgeous book trailers you helped me create. Stunning actress Sela Vave made the perfect Jayden. It was a thrill to film “on location” in the pseudo deserts of Jordan, aka southern Utah. Justin, I’m honored to have known you since your kindergarten days.

Finally, I was blessed to go on a book tour with my dear friend Martina Boone, and a whole bunch of other YA authors I love and admire, as well as my Young Adult Series Insiders cohorts. We traveled from Baltimore to D.C., through Virginia, North and South Carolina, ending at YALLFest in Charleston. It was an incredible road trip filled with great conversations, good food, and lots of map reading and hotel hopping. It was a thrill to meet hundreds of young adult readers and fans. I’m grateful to the many booksellers who generously helped me launch my YA debut, especially Park Road Books in Charlotte, North Carolina, for the fabulous party on Forbidden’s official birthday. Thank you!

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