Blood, Milk & Chocolate - Part 2

By: Cameron Jace


Prologue Part One

Candy House

Fable opened her eyes. She wondered if she would wake up in the Kingdom of Sorrow as planned. Unfortunately, she ended up in the cellar in Candy House. Her attempt to reprise the Dreamhunter’s role proved to be futile.

She had accomplished nothing.

Fable stood up, unable to deal with her disappointment. The need to go back and learn about her past was overwhelming. Also, what about Shew and Loki’s unbelievably shocking story? She was dying to know more about them. Was it really true love or just an exchange of hearts?

Sitting down on a nearby chair, she let out a long sigh. There was too much that needed to be done, or the Lost Seven’s lives may be in danger.

What was she going to do?

The answer came much sooner than her expectations.

A sudden light was beginning to fill the room, radiating outward from the Dream Temple she had used to try and enter the Dreamworld earlier.

Fable watched the light with an open mouth, adjusting her glasses to make sure she was seeing this all correctly. What had she done?

The light was slowly widening in radius and spreading toward the ceiling.

Very slowly.

She thought she could see through it – just a few bits and pieces of images coming through.

Although her attempt to go back had failed, she seemed to have opened a gate of light to the Dreamworld. All the fears she had ever known began to consume her. This wasn’t good. What had she done?

Prologue Part Two

The Schloss

Lucy and Axel were still in awe. All the things they had read about the Queen of Sorrow didn’t match their earlier perception of her. It puzzled them even more with every page they read further into her diary.

If the Queen had been such a good person in the past, what had made her turn into such a vicious mother? How did it happen?

Axel suggested they stop reading at some point. He argued that maybe they shouldn’t have started reading the diary in the first place. Some secrets were meant to stay buried forever.

But Lucy didn’t care. She was in danger already, having broken her promise to the Queen of Sorrow by reading the diary. The evil queen had prohibited her from doing so, warning her about the consequences.

And the fact[CB1] that the diary was written in a Book of Sand, meant that only Lucy and Axel were going to know of its contents for the next one hundred years.

There was no other option but to finish the diary and deal with consequences later.

After all, someone had to expose the truth. Someone had to finish reading the most epic and untold story of all a time.

Someone had to learn if Carmilla and Angel ever found the Tower of Tales in the Seven Seas and met Lady Shallot.

Someone had to learn who the Queen of Sorrow really was.

Lucy began reading again…

Part One: The Moon’s Path

Chapter 1

The Queen’s Diary

Life on the Seven Seas didn’t promise a happily ever after for Angel and I. Sailing in our small boat, I didn’t know which was worse – the nights or the days.

The days were gloomy. Looms of mist surrounded our boat, and we could hardly see the horizon. Angel liked to call it the sea’s edge, as if there was an imaginary waterfall at the end of the sea where all ships fell off into oblivion. The apple trader I fell in love with surely had a dark imagination.

The nights on the Seven Seas were the embodiment of scary. The fear of the unknown, because we still couldn’t see ahead of us. The hope of finding the Tower of Tales and meeting Lady Shallot to help us escape Night Von Sorrow were diminishing tide by tide. The Seven Seas were a slow death. Day after day, I began to realize we may have fooled ourselves, thinking we could really escape and find a place we could call our home.

And there was more.

By day, we sometimes saw other ships looming beyond the mist, which draped like curtains before our eyes. The mist blurred our destinations to our vision. And the things we thought we glimpsed beyond it may have been illusions instead of reality.

“Do you see them, Angel?” I asked.

“See what?”

“The ships looming behind the mist. The silhouettes of sailors. Their red eyes.”

“I see nothing, Carmilla. You’re imaging things. The sea does that sometimes.”

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