By: H.J. Bellus

He was stone cold and showed no emotion except for those slight and very shy smiles. Tuck Jones, who the hell are you, and what have you done to my ovaries?

Chapter 2

I pull up my favorite yoga videos on YouTube and do a few sessions while waiting on Sophie. Her hour turns into more like three, but then the door finally opens, and in steps my roomie.

She’s my exact opposite. Similar builds, but that’s it. Sophie’s pale in complexion, with jet-black hair that trails down her back and bounces in curly waves.

“Hi,” I squeak out, sitting up in my bed and flipping off a dumb eye mask. Being bored beyond belief, I busted into a home spa kit and ended up with a lumpy cream and an eye mask. Thankfully, I’d washed off all the green goo and just laid bored out of my mind in my bed.

“Oh my god, I’m Sophie, and you must be Blue.” She bounds toward me, throwing the heap of items in her arms onto her bed. She knocks back onto my bed and lands right on me. “I’ve been dying to meet you. We got lost on the way here. Long story, I’ll fill you in later.”

I held no doubt she’d fill me in on everything.

“Can I help you?”

I tried sitting up and pushing her off to the side. I’m definitely the bubble type of person, as in stay the fuck out of my bubble until I feel comfortable enough hugging you on my own. And it’s clear within thirty seconds of meeting Sophie, she has no concept of a bubble.

“Holy shit, cheer orgy.”

Looking up, I see Lane standing in our doorway holding large boxes.

“Er mah god, thank you.” Sophie pops up and makes her way to Lane.

Along with no bubble, the girl clearly has no shame either. Lane nods in my direction, and then a huge smile covers his face when he recognizes me.



“You’ve got some green shit around your eyes,” he says as he walks in and gently sets down the boxes.

Springing from my bed, I go to the mirror behind the door, and holy fuck if I don’t have two perfectly shaped circles framing my eyes. I’ll be kicking the dog for this one when I get home. Damn spa kit. Damn Mom. And Damn Lane for pointing it out.

I snag a wet makeup remover cloth from my vanity and begin to scrub. My only saving grace is that it wipes away easily, only leaving behind a light red mark circling my eyes. Raccoon, it is.

When I turn around I’m surprised to see three more men join Lane in the room, and I find myself quickly scanning the small crowd for Tuck. I recognize one of the men from the diner, but that’s it; the others are all new faces. I don’t remember the name of the familiar man and feel sort of assholish for it. I’m thankful the crowd goes to setting down boxes and unpacking stuff for Sophie. I’m amazed to watch the men sort all of her shit out as she tells them where to place things and exactly how to unfold the bedding.

It only takes seconds before I know I landed the perfect roommate. She likes to talk and be loud, has men following at her heels, and will be the perfect person to hide behind and blend in.

“I’m starving.” Sophie plops down on her bed and covers her stomach. Lane quickly joins her, and the other men exit the room.

“I have some food over in that little fridge. Help yourself.” Feeling a bit uncomfortable, I take a seat at my hot pink office chair near my desk.

Sophie waves off my suggestion. “It’s probably all healthy shit. Right?” She doesn’t give me a chance to answer her question, she just continues talking.

“How do you two know each other, anyway?” she asks.

“Oh, Blue dined with me and the boys earlier.”

“You little hussy.” Sophie zings a pale purple zebra striped pillow toward me. I’m able to bat it away easily. “You told me you were walking downtown to get a bite.”

“I did.”

“Whatever,” Lane pipes up. “She practically begged to sit with us and even offered us a twenty dollar bill.”

Rolling my eyes, I nearly pop both eyeballs out of the socket.

“Well, let’s go eat. I want to see something other than the damn dorms.” Sophie stands, straightening out her tiny white shorts and shamelessly readjusting her boobies. Lane is standing right behind her like a lost little puppy.

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