Bought for Her Innocence

By: Tara Pammi

$100,000 for her virginity. Going once, going twice…

The money isn’t an issue for Greek tycoon Dmitri Karegas. He has plenty of that. It’s her. Jasmine Douglas, the only one who knows the depths of depravity Dmitri dragged himself up from. And now only Dmitri can help when she’s forced to put her virginity up for sale.

Sold to the highest bidder!

Yet Jasmine is not the sweet girl he remembers. She’s a wildcat who hates him with a vengeance. But beneath that lies an undeniable chemistry. Now Dmitri must decide what to do with her…and her innocence!

A passionate read for Christmas nights!

“Tell me, Dmitri,” Jasmine commanded now, fully aware of what she was asking. No longer confused about her own want for him, no longer guilty or ashamed about it.

She’d never been an innocent, except in the most technical sense, anyway.

Still, Dmitri had given her a choice.

She wanted him, she had known that from the beginning. But tonight, there was no shame or weakness that came with that want. Tonight, there was nothing but the two of them.

“Because I realized the inevitability of this thing between us.” His soft voice only amplified the spiraling tension in the room. “If not today, tomorrow. If not tomorrow…it’s going to consume us both.

“I have never denied myself something I want. I want you. Every time you look at me, all I can think of is being inside you, every time you lash at me, all I can think of is kissing your mouth…

“To hell with your debt and my honor…to hell with pretending I’m something I’m not.

“Nothing in the past decade has made me as hungry or as desperate as you have, Jas.

“So, do you want this for as long as it will last? Do you have the guts to actually take me on, Jas? Because if I touch you, I won’t stop.”


“I HAVE A proposition for you, Jasmine, that would allow you to pay off your brother’s debt within a year.”

Fear was a cold fist clamped over her spine, but Jasmine Douglas forced herself to stare steadily into the chilly green eyes of Noah King.

That word proposition from any other man of her acquaintance, while wholly unwelcome but an awful reality of her life, was something she was used to.

The clientele of the club where she worked, owned by Noah, was constantly under the impression that her scantily clad, gyrating-around-a-pole body was up for sale. That she was for sale.

She wasn’t and never would be.

Only soul-wrenching fear of the consequences of owing a debt to this man who owned three underground gambling clubs in London, and who was even now contemplating her future without blinking, had forced her into it.

She had barely buried her brother Andrew when she had learned of the debt he had piled up with Noah King, of all people. Desperation to resolve this debt and a need for survival forced her every night to take the stage.

So coming from Noah, that dangerous word turned the very blood in her veins into ice. “I’ve not missed a single payment, Noah,” she finally said through a dry mouth.

“Yes, but you’re barely making a dent. You have no assets that you could sell off, either.”

Her skin turned cold in the comfortably warm warehouse that was the headquarters of Noah’s empire. A couple of completely harmless-looking men had showed up at her flat this morning and very politely accompanied her to see Noah here.

Sweat pooling over her neck, Jasmine realized how foolish she was to assume that anything related to Noah King was harmless.

“Am I a prisoner, then?” she said, before she could hold back the reckless question.

Noah didn’t even blink as he casually peeled an orange and offered her some. “Until we find a satisfactory resolution, yes.”

Her gut dropped and she fought the instinct to turn around and run. No phrase had ever scared the daylights out of her like satisfactory resolution.

Why, oh, why hadn’t Andrew thought of where his debt would lead him one day? How could he have left her to deal with this dangerous man?

How, after all the promises he had made to her, could he have left her even worse than they had already been?

She had slaved for five years and was still stuck in this man’s power, like a fly stuck in a spider’s web. The more she tried to get out, the more she was ensnared.

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