Brazilian's Nine Months' Notice

By: Susan Stephens

Carrying her Brazilian boss’s baby!

For chambermaid Emma Fane, her best friend’s winter wedding promises to be the perfect distraction for her troubles. Until, heart racing, she spies Lucas Marcelos—infamous lothario and father to her unborn child!

Lucas may have lost his head over innocent, spirited Emma for one glorious night, but he won’t lose his heir! He lures her away from snowy Scotland back to sultry Brazil. But Emma is no man’s mistress. It only took one night to change their lives, now they have nine months to face the consequences…

A passionate read for Christmas nights!

“I’m not here to be judged by a man who was happy enough to bed me, but who rejects the consequences.”

Luc reared back with surprise. The last thing he had expected was for her to take him on. The great Lucas Marcelos versus Emma Fane, a chambermaid? No contest, he must have thought. No contest? She’d be a mother soon. He’d better get used to that idea.

“I’ll need proof that your baby is mine,” he grated out.

“I’d expect nothing less,” she said coldly.

“Well, we are where we are, so I will tell you what’s going to happen next.”

“No, you won’t,” she argued firmly. “This is one occasion where you don’t decide. There is my body and my baby—”

“Our baby, according to you,” he fired back.

“Our baby,” she conceded. “There is no blame here, Luc. We’re both equally responsible for this child, and both equally invested in its future.” She hoped that was true, and something in Luc’s eyes said he did want to be part of this, though whether that was a good thing, right now she couldn’t tell. For all that he was a notorious playboy, Lucas Marcelos was famous for his loyalty, to his friends, to his polo team and to the staff who worked for him. Her only worry was that Lucas would take his sense of responsibility to the nth degree, and that once he was satisfied he was the father of her child, he would demand complete control.

For my friend, the wonderfully warm and talented Carole Mortimer, in this, her very special year.


HAVING THE NIGHT off from her job as chambermaid to attend the wedding of her best friend in Scotland should have been a cause for celebration. A racing heart made that impossible, because Lucas Marcelos would almost certainly attend the wedding too, which meant no swerving from the truth.


Would she ever learn?

No, Emma concluded, staring into the mirror in the ladies room at her rabbit-in-the-headlights face. Her stomach clenched at the thought of meeting up with the man who had fathered her unborn child. There was no doubt. She had taken a pregnancy test three times. It was only a couple of weeks since she’d left London and the bed of the hotel owner and infamous bad boy of gaucho polo, Lucas Marcelos—too early for doctors or scans, or even the physical signs to make themselves felt, other than tender breasts and some nausea, which, she had no doubt, would ramp up when she faced Luc.

The self-professed playboy was hardly going to leap with joy when he heard her news. He certainly wouldn’t show the same warm charm he had in London. A man as wealthy and successful as Lucas was bound to be suspicious of her motives. He would be even more suspicious if he knew how elated she’d been when she had discovered she was pregnant.

Emma’s main worry wasn’t for herself. She wondered if Luc would make a good father for her baby. They hardly knew each other, and what she did know about him hardly pointed to him being a family man.

One step at a time, she told herself firmly, checking the dress that had seemed perfectly fine when she had first walked into the cloakroom and now seemed too tight. Luc was a close friend of the groom so he was bound to be here. The groom, Tiago Santos, was marrying one of Emma’s closest friends, Danny Cameron. When Luc could spare the time from his chain of super-luxury hotels, both men played gaucho polo for the world-famous Thunderbolt polo team. If Luc didn’t show up he would be the only member of team Thunderbolt not attending the wedding. Emma had recognised several striking faces from the team’s publicity photos. Odds on, Lucas was prowling the party right now.

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