Breakdown (The Capture Games Book 2)

By: JJ Lusty


~ Harlan ~

This place looks innocent. The reception area no different to any other corporate office I’ve stepped into. Even the young woman who greets me, Evie, looks straight out of a merchant banker’s PA pool.

She fascinates me in a non-sexual way, and I wonder how she describes the business she works for to her friends and family.

“Everything you need is in here, Mr. Turnbull.”

I take the folder and the holdall from the young woman, dipping my head and giving her a warm smile. The entire movement is calculated and affected, a gesture that never fails to put women at ease. If only they knew that predators like me wear many disguises, and often not the ones of their nightmares.

My dark business suit, Windsor-knotted tie, handmade Borgioli wingtips, neatly groomed hair cut in the latest style, and expensive cologne, make the sort of impact that causes a woman to drop her guard…and her panties. Even if she can’t name these things, for most women, their combination creates an impression of safety and wealth.

Sometimes it’s too easy. Other times, such as today, I pay somebody to do the background work for me.

I’m a busy man. Rich and desperate people pay me to maintain their beauty. As one of the best cosmetic surgeons in the business, I’m in demand for my superior skills at making it appear a client hasn’t had work done.

In front of me, Evie shuffles. She’s beautiful, and I’ve disarmed her. Blinking rapidly, I watch her shift her gaze to her desk blotter. She has that pale, creamy skin that flushes easily, and under the full weight of my gaze I enjoy watching the bloom that started on her neck rise up her cheeks.

I sense Evie would prefer I left now so that she can visit the bathroom and dab her face and neck with a cool washcloth. Just as I’m also certain she’d pick up her handbag and follow me to the nearest hotel without hesitation, unless, that is, Evie has read the file she’s just passed to me.

Perhaps this is the reason she flushes.

“I’ll be in touch, Evie,” I say, putting enough emphasis on her name to make her look at me. I lower my voice. “I’ll let you know how I get on, and if this goes to plan,” I raise the folder, “perhaps there’ll be more work for your agency.”

I leave the office knowing that if Evie hasn’t read the contents of the folder, she’ll be trolling through the computer files to do so now.

On the street, my Audi R8 is parked illegally. I stride with purpose towards it, cheerfully greeting the parking warden who thought she was going to issue an infringement ticket. I ask her if she’s having a good day, mention the weather, climb in and drive away before she has the chance to add my car’s details to her electronic ticketing machine.

My next appointment is not for another hour. There’s a lake close by that will be quiet at this time of the day, and I drive to an empty area of the parking lot that is surrounded by trees.

At the edge of the lake is a large grassed park. A woman plays fetch with her terrier that barks its demands whenever she fails to react quickly enough to the dropped ball. A young couple roll themselves into one snug cocoon, kissing and stroking each other, oblivious with lust. Two mothers sit on a park bench watching over their children in the playground.

Nobody pays me any attention. Releasing my seatbelt, I slide the seat back, stretch my legs and open the folder.

A set of keys slips out and drops to the floor.

The agency has performed a detailed job, even thinking of things I hadn’t considered, but that’s why I paid them such a large fee. I scan the contents of the file and find myself nodding, yes, yes, definitely yes.

My cock presses against my zipper as I finish reading the instructions, and I run through my part of the plan in my mind.

Aira is going to get what she probably doesn’t even know she’s been yearning for. She’ll be begging soon, though. Initially, she’ll beg me to stop, plead with me to let her go.


That idea makes me shift in my seat as my cock swells with lust.

I imagine she’ll fight at first. I hope she does, because I’ll lick away her tears and tell her it’s not going to hurt for long, not once she submits.

I glance towards the park, wondering if it’s safe to get my dick out and ease the tormenting pressure in my balls. My windows are tinted, a box of tissues sits neatly in the side pocket of the door, waiting for me.

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