Breaking Bones(88)

By: Amanda Washington

Ariana squeezed me, jostling the camera. I draped my arm over her shoulders and kept filming. Angel put the ring on Markie’s finger, then stood and kissed her.

“They’re crazy, aren’t they?” Ariana whispered.

I nodded and looked at her. Her eyes were heavy with unshed tears and she was so damn beautiful. It wasn’t difficult to imagine her walking down the aisle. Maybe Angel and Markie weren’t so crazy after all. I turned off the camera and kissed Ariana. When Angel and Markie finally pulled apart, Ariana wandered over to congratulate her sister and see the ring. I patted Angel on the back and nodded. The two of us stood there, watching the girls.

“We’re free,” Angel said, clasping me on the shoulder. “I can’t believe it, but we finally got out of that shit-hole for good.”

“Yeah.” Vegas was just a spot on the map now. The families would no longer direct our lives or make us keep our loved ones secret for fear they’d be used against us. “Now we just gotta figure out where the hell we’re gonna live.”

Angel chuckled. We joined the girls. I kissed Ariana’s forehead and tucked her back under my arm. The four of us wandered around for a while longer before heading back to the hotel. We had an engagement to celebrate and a trip to plan.

I had no idea where we’d end up, but I didn’t care. We’d broken the cycle and survived, and now the world lay ahead of us.

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