Breaking The Biker (The Biker Series)(4)

By: Cassie Alexandra

“You still smoking?” she asked, opening up her window.

“Yeah. You smoke, don’t you?”

“I quit last January. It was my New Year’s Resolution.”

“Good for you,” I replied, meaning it. I’d never tried to quit but knew it was a struggle.

“I’m just surprised you still smoke. You obviously work out hard,” she replied, nodding toward my arms.

I smiled wickedly. “Darlin’, if you haven’t noticed, I do everything hard.”

She laughed. “Yeah.”

I took another drag of my smoke. “Truth is, I don’t smoke that much. Just when I’ve been drinking.” I chuckled. “Course, I’m always drinking.”

“That’s funny, but seriously, you should start taking better care of yourself, Tank.”

I sighed. Cheeks was in her thirties and pretty hot for an older broad, but I wasn’t about to let her, or anyone else, nag me about my health. I lifted weights and usually spent an hour a day on cardio. At least I had before Slammer’s death. The last two weeks, I’d been slacking. “I didn’t call you over to give me a lecture.”

“I’m just trying to look out for you,” she said, reaching over to squeeze my knee. “I care, you know?”

“You just need to care about this right now,” I said, grabbing her hand and putting it on my crotch. “That’s all I need you to worry about, darlin’.”

“Looks like someone’s missed me.” She squeezed my cock. “How do you manage to pack it all in there?”

“It isn’t easy. In fact, I need to let him out. So that he can stretch and play.”

She chuckled.

I pointed toward a vacant gas station up the road. “Why don’t you pull behind there?”

“Are you sure you don’t want to wait until we get back to your place? I still have to pick up that pizza I ordered, by the way.”

“Forget the pizza. I need your mouth right now.”

She grinned. “Your wish is my command. I haven’t had me any Tank for a long time.”

“Then drive.”

Two minutes later, she was giving me head.

I grabbed the back of her head as she bobbed up and down on my knob. “Fuck. Glad it was just cigarettes you gave up, darlin’. Cause that mouth….” I sucked in my breath. “Was made for sucking.”

She smiled up at me, her eyes watery.

My cell phone suddenly went off, startling both of us. “Who the hell is calling me at this fucking hour?” I growled.

Cheeks wiped the side of her mouth. “Could be important?”

“It’d better be.” I grabbed my phone and was surprised to find that Bastard, the President of the Mother Charter, was calling me after midnight. I cleared my throat and answered the phone.

“Hey, kid,” he said. “Sorry to bother you at this hour. Hope you weren’t in the middle of something?”

“No problem at all,” I replied, slapping Cheek’s hand away from my dick as she began playing with it. “Bastard.”

Cheeks gave me a surprised look.

“The reason I’m calling you is that I’ve found out a little more information on who it was that killed your old man.”

I sat up straighter. “Who is it?”

“Now, hold up, son. Before I give you the information, I want to remind you that we don’t go killing women. That’s not who we are.”

I sighed.

“You hear me? If I give you this, I want you to give me your word that you won’t kill this girl if you find her.”

“What am I supposed to do with her, then?” I asked, trying to remain calm. My original plan was to take both her and the guy who ordered the hit out.

“You find out who sent her to do the killing and deal with him.”

“She should be dealt with, too. She’s the one who put the bullet through his head.”

“We don’t kill women. Besides, my source says that she’s been through some family shit and death would probably only be a relief to her.”

“Because of her, I’ve got my own family shit, now.”

“Yeah, I know. I’m sorry for Slammer but I’m telling you, the woman is off limits. You can do what you have to, in order to get names, but do not kill her.”

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