Cash (The Henchmen MC Book 2)(10)

By: Jessica Gadziala

“What is it?”

“Lex,” he said, letting that name settle in.

There were a lot of crime organizations around our parts. The Henchmen were gun runners who generally didn't fuck with anyone unless they fucked with us. The Mallicks were a family of loan sharks (the dad, then five sons). Vicious, ruthless, but otherwise good, upstanding citizens who owned a dozen or so legitimate businesses that kept them busy, including their bar that was bombed. Then there was Summer's dad, Richard Lyon, who, while being a cocaine kingpin, somehow managed to run his empire with next to no bloodshed. Hailstorm had connections seemingly everywhere, alliances I never would (and didn't want to) understand, but they didn't hurt people for the hell of it (just for the paycheck apparently).

Now, Lex... Lex was a whole other fucking story. Lex was the closest thing to evil that walked the face of the Earth. He was a murdering, woman beating, sadistic rapist pig. The day someone took him out would be the day all the women in the area could breathe a sigh of relief. I prayed to fuck that his card was finally punched.

“What about Lex?” Lo asked, recovering before me, but her eyes had a strange sort of haunted I didn't understand.

“Well, all the places: here, their compound,” he said, nodding his head at me, “Chaz's bar, Lyon's estate, it was all minimal damage. Lex's place? It was blown the fuck up, Lo.”

“Interesting,” Lo said, but a guard had gone down over her face. I didn't know her well, but I knew her enough to know that if she was putting a guard up, there was no way she was going to share with me why it was there. I had a feeling, though, that she and Lex Keith did not have the cordial kind of love/hate relationship she had with the awful human trash that was V. Lo hated Lex Keith with a fiery passion.

I found myself wanting to know why.

“We sending out feelers?” one of her men asked.

A brow raised and a smirk toyed at her lips. “Are you really asking me that?” she asked and the black guy, obviously more senior in some way than the others, nodded his head at the other guy who ran off to, I imagined, 'send out feelers'.

“You gonna keep us in the loop?” I asked, making Lo start like she had suddenly forgotten I was there.

“I'll meet you in command,” she said to her man who nodded at her, then me, then walked off. “That depends,” she said, closing some of the space between us.

“On what, babe?”

“On whether The Henchmen are going to share their information with us.”

“I'll have to talk to Reign,” I said, for the first time in my life regretting the fact that I had to defer decisions to someone else. In the past, I always liked that Reign was in charge, that he was the one to shoulder the burden. I had taken on that role once, for half a day, and I felt physically weighted by it. But standing in the yard of Hailstorm with their leader, asking me if me and my men would keep her informed, yeah, I wanted to be able to give her an answer. It made me feel beneath her to admit that I had to ask someone else for permission.

Lo nodded her head. “Let me know.”

Christ, that felt like a kick to the balls.

I couldn't walk away feeling like I was beneath her. That shit just wouldn't play. Things needed to even out a bit.

Unfortunately, the only card I had to play was up my sleeve and a dirty way to win a game, but it was all I had.

I took a breath, closing the remaining few feet between us, my hand raising to move to stroke next to the cut on her cheek. Her entire body went stiff, her eyes went to mine, her lips parted. Oh, yeah, she wanted me. She might dislike me as much as I didn't like her, but her body was into me. I liked that in a sick sort of way.

“What are you doing, Cash?” she asked, attempting firm, but her tone came off a bit breathless.

“You need to stop being boss lady and go take care of this.”

“It's nothing,” she said, trying to jerk her head so I would drop my hand, but my fingers slid down her jaw to nab her chin instead.

“Gotta take care of yourself, gorgeous,” I said, my thumb moving upward to rub the very edge of her lower lip. Her body softened slightly, her eyes going hazy. Meanwhile I was fucking hard as a stone just from touching her god damn face. Whatever it was between us, whatever kind of attraction that we had going on, it either needed to be ignored completely or given into, because toying with it was going to give me the worst case of blue balls in history.

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