Cash (The Henchmen MC Book 2)(3)

By: Jessica Gadziala

Granted, I had friends that did that shit. I had friends who broke kneecaps or worse. I had a friend who was the best god damn sniper in the country and used those skills. And I could go out with them, I could pound drinks, I could place bets on which one of us would land the hottest chick, but I didn't get involved with that shit.

And fucking a woman, even just for a night, meant you were involved.

“You know,” Janie said, cutting into my thoughts. “I watched you shoot a man right between the eyes. You didn't even flinch.”

I reached into the open window and chucked her chin. “It's different, kid. You and I both know that. Lo doesn't.”

I turned to keep walking but heard Janie say quietly, as if to herself, “Maybe I don't either.”

I shrugged it off as I made my way to the door, pulling it open and walking in.

“I'm just going to go ahead and say what everyone else here is thinking,” I said as I looked around. “This has got to be the weirdest fucking dinner party that has ever happened.”

And it had to be.

We were in the home of a my brother, gun running biker leader with his wife who had an almost alarming love of said guns. Her father, a notorious cocaine crime lord was standing in a corner in a three-thousand dollar suit looking wholly uncomfortable. Wolf, Reign and my oldest friend, was leaning against the kitchen counter, arms crossed, looking scary as fuck with his long dark beard and haunting eyes. It didn't help that the fucker never said more than a handful of words at a time. I turned my head slightly to find Lo watching me.

Seeing her was like a kick to the gut. First, because she was gorgeous- tall, long blonde hair, a face full of sharp edges and keen brown eyes. She had long legs, great hips, and a fucking phenomenal rack. She was a couple years older than me and she was probably the sexiest woman I'd ever seen. She was just not the kind of person I wanted to have anything to do with. Unfortunately, my cock did not get the message about that second thing. I was half hard just looking at her in her tight light wash jeans and white tee with a gun strapped around her thigh.

Holy fucking shit she was hot.

A slow, knowing smile spread across her features as she watched me looking her over. “Tuck your tongue back in your mouth, Cash,” she said, tipping her beer up at me before taking a swig.

“Oh, sweetheart,” I said, smirking. “If you had any idea what I could do with my tongue, there's no way you'd be telling me to tuck it back into my mouth.”

I was rewarded by her choking hard, beer spurting out of her mouth as she coughed.

“If you could try to refrain from killing my guests,” Summer said, handing a paper towel to Lo, “I would really appreciate it.”

“Hey there, gorgeous,” I said, smiling at her before swinging her off her feet and swirling her in a circle.

I had a soft spot for Summer. Maybe it was because she was the first woman in a long time that I had never had any sexual interest in. It wasn't that she wasn't gorgeous with her long red hair and her delicate face, but it had been clear from day one that she belonged to my brother. Lord knew the man needed some softness in his life and that was exactly what Summer gave him. She helped smoothe his rough edges. She also kept him on his toes. There wasn't a day that went by that they weren't arguing and making up, when they weren't challenging and comforting one another.

She gave my brother someone to come home to, someone to remind him to shrug the weight of leadership every now and then. For that, I would always feel like I owed her. Which was why I was at her asinine dinner party in the first place.

It didn't hurt that she threw an absolute shit-fit when any of us had tried to come up with excuses to not show up.

“Hands off my woman,” Reign said, walking up as I put his woman down, wrapping an arm around her waist, half gluing her body to his. “You gonna behave?” he asked me, giving an almost imperceptible chin-jerk toward Lo who was squatted down, wiping her spilled beer off the floor.

I gave him a smirk. “Oh, you know me. Fucking angel, man,” I said, clapping him on the shoulder and moving over toward Wolf.

“'Sup Wolf?” I asked, reaching behind him for a beer.

“Weird fuckin' party,” he said, using as few words as possible, as was his nature.

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