Cash (The Henchmen MC Book 2)(4)

By: Jessica Gadziala

Wolf was a lot of things, not one of them being talkative.

“Yeah. If Repo and about three dozen armed psychopaths were here, it'd be like a fucking reunion  .”

“I get us,” Wolf started, waving a hand toward himself, me, and Reign. “Don't get them,” he said, gesturing toward Lo and Richard Lyon, Summer's cocaine kingpin father.

“Well, he is her dad,” I shrugged.

“And Lo?”

That was a good point. “Maybe Summer feels like she owes her? Lo was really the only reason we could go in there and get her out.”

Lord knew we, The Henchmen, owed Lo and Hailstorm a big, bloody fucking favor in the future, a fact that had been weighing more heavy on me than Reign for some reason. I guess he figured that whatever it was, would be worth having the woman he loved back.

“All together?” Wolf asked, turning his light, fathomless eyes at me.

That was another good point. Sure, it made sense for Summer to want to see her father. It also made sense for her to want to see Lo again. She invited Wolf and I over all the time. But why, all of a sudden, did we all need to be in the same room, especially given that quite a few of us didn't exactly get along?

“Dunno,” I said, watching as Lo walked over to Richard Lyon like he wasn't one of the biggest dealers on the East coast. Then again, I had seen her walk up to a ruthless, heartless fucking skin trader like they had shared Sunday brunch every day for years.

“Bitches, man,” Wolf said and I turned to find him smirking fondly at Summer.

“Got that right,” I agreed, lifting my beer to him. “How was the run?” I asked, watching Lo throw her head back and laugh at something Richard said, her laugh a strange tinkling little sound that carried across the room.

“Hand me one,” Reign said, walking up, gesturing to my beer.

I handed him one and, unable to help myself, smirked at him. “How fucking pussy whipped are you to allow this clusterfuck to happen, bro?”

Reign snorted, shaking his head at himself. “You've seen Summer get a bug up her ass about shit before. She starts using six syllable words and shit, day and night, never letting up.”

“Other ways to take her mind off of it,” I suggested, raising a brow. He knew what I meant.

“Man, I fuckin' tried. Ten minutes after, she's sitting up and starting again. Figured, what harm could it do?”

“Lo's got a gun strapped to her thigh,” I pointed out.

“You got a gun in the small of your back. Wolf has one on his hip. Summer,” he said pointedly, “has one inside her boot. Don't think we can judge.”

“How many courses is this thing?” I asked, looking around at all the serving trays (yeah, serving trays... in my brother The Henchman leader's house) laid out on the kitchen counter, just waiting for food to be placed on them.

“Dinner and dessert,” Reign said with a sigh. “Talked her down from four courses.”

“Fuckin' serious?” Wolf asked, dangerously close to laughing.

“Serious about what?” Lo asked. I hadn't even seen her walk up, but there she was, at Reign's side.

The silence after her interruption was palpable and awkward with Reign recovering first, taking a swig of his beer and answering, “Summer wanted this to be a four course thing. Speaking of,” he said, swiveling his head over his shoulder to where it looked like Summer and her father were having some sort of heated debate, “I gotta go see what's up.” With that, he was gone.

Wolf looked at me with a silent shaking chuckle in his chest and said, “You're on your own.” He grabbed a fresh beer and moved away, inclining his chin at Lo as he passed. “Woman,” he said in his deep voice before he was gone.

Lo turned to watch him walk away, a strange small smile playing at her lips. When she turned back to me when Wolf was out of sight, she said, “I like him.”

“Want me to hook that up?” I asked, taking a long swig of my beer. Jesus fuck if she would just hook up with one of the men, if she would just make it about loyalty, then I could stop fucking picturing her naked, riding me hard and fast, her tits jumping as she did, her head thrown back as she moaned my name...

Lo was giving me a sly smile. “As much as I like the strong and silent type,” she started, taking a few steps forward so that her front was practically plastered against mine and for a horrifyingly hot moment, I thought she was going to kiss me. Then she reached behind me for a fresh beer and stepped back. It was then I realized I had been holding my breath and sucked in some air. “He's not meant for me.”

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