Charity Rain (Charity Series Book 5)(3)

By: DeAnna Kinney

“Darrow!” Anora called to me, running and jumping into my arms. I barely had time to set my plate down to catch her, but she knew I would. I had not dropped a plate, or her, yet.

“I missed you this morning. Did you have a nice run?” she asked, pulling her head back and smiling her beaming smile at me.

“Are you kidding me? It was awesome, but I missed seeing your beautiful face this morning though.”

Her smile grew wider. “Well, you’re seeing it now.”

I couldn’t hold back my laughter. “That I am, Sunshine. That I am.” I kissed her on the cheek and sat her down on her feet. She quickly bounced off to get her own plate of food. I looked in time to see Mom, Dad, and my other brothers entering the room. They were laughing and talking. For some strange reason that moment struck me as sentimental, and I took a brief moment to study them.

Mom was beautiful just like always, with her hair pulled back and her face fresh, without any makeup, and yet I had rarely seen her look more appealing. Dad was happy, his face beaming, as he watched my mom laughing. He was more in love with her today than ever, and everyone knew it. If he was in the same room with her, he almost always had to be touching her in some way. It was a thing with them. Deacon was bragging about running the fastest in our run this morning, which wasn’t true. Dixon was making gagging sounds behind his back, which made Mom slap his arm playfully. Hector, the biggest, baddest werewolf of them all, measuring around 7 feet in height, trailed in closely behind them. Yes, this was my incredible but crazy family. And I love them with all my heart.

During breakfast Mom couldn’t stop talking about the girls’ returning from Alaska. School was starting in one week and the girls were finally arriving back home from their summer trip. Apparently they were bringing company with them, someone from the Mason pack was all she would say. I’m not sure why she was hiding the identity of the person from us, but we would all know who it was soon enough.

Suddenly, I had a strange prickling feeling hit me and my hair stood on end. It was a song playing somewhere in the distance, a beautiful song. No—wait! It wasn’t a song, it was a voice. It was lovely and musical. I strained to hear it again, but it was gone.

I was so in tuned to the sound that I didn’t notice the excitement in the room until everyone was on their feet and glancing toward the front of the room. I stood quickly, and that’s when I saw Glory and Journey standing in the doorway—and the most beautiful thing I had ever seen stepped in behind them. It was Raven’s daughter, Rain. I would recognize her in a room with hundreds of people. I had only met her once, but her face was one I could never forget. The feeling that hit me then was overwhelming and almost knocked me to the floor. Was there truly a thing such as love at first sight? I had never thought so before that very moment, but the feeling was hard to deny.

I turned to peer at my brothers, their eyes wide. Yes, they had noticed her too, and there was interest on their part as well. I narrowed my eyes in irritation. Now this was a problem.

Chapter Three


There was no way my dad was letting us travel without protection. I was still in awe of the one massive man who had come to meet us at the halfway mark in our journey. With him though, who needed anyone else? The girls told me his name was Hector. I remember tales of him and how he made it his mission to protect Charity. They said he was the scariest werewolf of them all—and I believed it. He might have been huge, but I didn’t miss his gentleness as he looked after us until the minute we reached our destination.

As we entered the parking garage of the Drake House, the secret underground facility that housed the Drake pack, it felt kind of nostalgic. I had heard stories all my life about the Drake pack, led by the amazing Levi Drake, the alpha that fell in love with the human, Charity Bell. It was almost like a fairytale to me. I had butterflies at the idea of meeting Charity. My father, Raven, was very fond of her. He said she was the very one responsible for him coming to the pack and finding my mom, Rose. He said Charity changed everything for him, giving him his life back. For that, I was also grateful.

This actually wasn’t the first time I had met the pack. The last time I was only five, and we came back for a short visit for the triplets’ sixth birthday. I don’t remember much about that time, but I do remember the boys fighting over whose ice cream cone I would take. I remember taking the youngest one’s cone, mainly because he was the quiet one. The other two were pushy. I remember their names, but I don’t have a memory of faces to go with those names. But that was about to change.

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