Charity Rain (Charity Series Book 5)(4)

By: DeAnna Kinney

I had a great time spending my summer with Glory and Journey. They were great girls. Our friendship had been instant, and they felt more like sisters to me than friends. When they asked my dad if I could come back with them to North Carolina, I had expected him to say no, and at first he did. Only after speaking with my mom did he finally agree to let me go. He had always kept me close, and it was becoming a problem. I loved my dad with all my heart, but I yearned for my own space.

My parents sat me down and told me the entire story of how my grandfather and uncle wanted us dead for not only betraying the vampire coven but then blending species with the werewolves, the mortal enemies of the vampires. You see, my dad was a vampire and my mother was a werewolf. My dad had explained thoroughly how dangerous it would be for me to return to Windrake Mountain, but he knew how important it was to me and reluctantly agreed it was time to let go, despite the danger. After all, it had been over seventeen years since we fled to Alaska to escape my grandfather, Julius. From what I was told, there was a massive battle that had left my uncle, Stefan, dead and my grandfather angered by that, along with the news of my mom’s pregnancy. He apparently swore to find us no matter what. But that was a long time ago. Now it was time to live and not walk around in constant fear. I mean no one had heard a word or found a scent from my grandfather’s coven. If he were really looking for us there would have been signs. Not to mention he suffered some great losses during the battle that day. I think they were all killed except a really bad vamp named Maurie, who was a bald female that reportedly wielded a wicked whip. During the battle she vanished and no one knew what became of her.

* * * * * *

Exiting the parking garage, I could tell the girls were anxious to see their family and introduce me. They practically pulled me down the hallway and through the facility. It was an elegant place despite being underground. It didn’t feel cold or drafty, though it should have. They continued to usher me through the hallways, not stopping until we reached the hallway marked above with an elegantly scrolled letter D. This indicated that we were entering the dining hall. Our home in Alaska was very similar in this regard. We finally came to a stop in front of the dining room. My stomach rolled in knots as they tugged me inside. There were soon loud squeals as people jumped from their tables and ran to us, pulling the girls into their arms and forming a huge family hug at least ten people deep. Watching the affection warmed my heart and also made me miss my own family, though only slightly. Coming here was an opportunity of a lifetime for me and not likely to happen again.

“Mom, Dad, this is Rain,” Glory said to the grownups in front of her.

They turned and greeted me with warm smiles. “Welcome, Rain. I am Josh, Levi’s beta, and this is my wife, Ashley.”

Ashley then pulled me into a hug. “It’s nice to have you here with us. You will love it here. Let me know if you need anything, anything at all.”

“Thank you,” I said and then another couple stood before me, and I knew them instantly.

“Welcome, Rain. How is your father?” Levi asked taking my hand in his, which engulfed mine completely. It was a little scary except for his lovely smile. I knew I would be safe here.

“He’s doing really well. He told me to thank you again for allowing me to come.”

“It’s our pleasure. You remember my wife, Charity?”

He moved aside as if ushering in her presence. She stepped forward, and she was all I dreamed she would be. All I could do was stare at her, and before she could speak I threw myself into her arms, hugging her tightly. She giggled and put her arms around me, squeezing me back. The thing I remembered most about that hug was the smell of her raspberry ice lip balm.

“It is so good to see you again, Rain. I’m thrilled you’re here. We’re gonna have a blast.”

It was exactly the kind of thing I expected her to say.

When I pulled back to look at her, I was awestruck again. Her beauty was just as I was told. Her long, dark hair was pulled back, and her face was radiant even with little makeup. Her crystal blue eyes were moist, and I knew that she was really happy to have me here. She cared a lot about my parents.

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