Charity Rain (Charity Series Book 5)(5)

By: DeAnna Kinney

She then proceeded in giving me a few more introductions. I met Levi’s twin brother, Eli, who looked just like Levi but for the red streak in his hair. He was actually my uncle, though this was our first meeting. He was my mom, Rose’s adopted brother. It was all a long story and a little confusing to be honest. I was glad to meet him because my dad told me what a good friend he was to him. I also met his wife, Destiny. These were Journey’s adopted parents. She was a human living amongst us monsters, but she loved her life, and who could blame her.

About that time, three guys burst in front of the others, each one pushing the other aside until a very handsome guy took the winner’s spot and stood before me. My breath caught like a fish in my throat. He was breathtaking, his curly blond hair framing his chiseled face beautifully. His eyes were crystal blue and focused solely on mine. I was lost, and I wondered if my goofy expression showed it.

“Hi,” he said with a slight smile. “I am Darrow.”

Before I could respond, another one pushed him aside and smiled triumphantly. “Hi. I’m Deacon.” This one was also very handsome in the same way as the other, but he had wavy brown hair and purplish-blue eyes like Levi. I had never seen eyes this color except on Levi, and this confirmed what I had already suspected—these were the Drake triplets!

I had heard countless tales over the years of their good looks and competitive sprits.

The last one stepped in front of the other, but not in an aggressive way, just taking his turn, and spoke. “Hi, I’m Dixon.” He was just like the others, very handsome, but his coloring was also different. His hair was black and straight and longer than the others, and his eyes were emerald green like the sea.

What struck me as odd was that although they were triplets, they looked completely different in coloring and yet they looked the same. There was one striking feature, however, that they all possessed—dimples!! I had heard of the Drake dimples and the power they had to mesmerize. I now had a new respect for the stories.

Although I felt slightly intimidated at all the attention, I found the courage to speak. “You must be the triplets I’ve heard so much about. It’s nice to meet you again. It’s been a long time. I’m Rain Vanderburg.”

Before anyone could comment, a lovely girl maybe around the age of ten or so pushed her way around the guys and stood in front of me. “Hello.”

Her face was beaming like a ray of light.

I found myself smiling in return. Her eyes were dancing and her smile made me feel happy somehow. “Hello,” I answered back.

“My name is Anora. I’m their sister. You and I are gonna be great friends.” Her smile grew bigger, if that were possible, and she took my hand in hers, holding it gently. Without another word she dropped my hand and threw her arms around my waist and hugged tightly.

I laughed in response and hugged her back. “Oh, I truly believe that Anora. I truly do.”

She pulled back and smiled up at me again, and I knew she was a very special girl. “This is our dog, Fang,” she said stepping aside to reveal a gangly looking mutt, but his tail was wagging at full speed, and his smile was a happy one.

I knelt down to greet him. “Hello there, Fang. It’s nice to meet you.” He barked and it actually sounded more like a whistle. Strange. I held out my hand and was surprised when he actually laid his paw in the dead center of my palm. Cute.

“He says it’s nice to meet you too,” Anora said in delight. “I taught him how to do that, by the way.”

I stood and I peered down into her beaming face. “Well, you are quite a smart girl.” And I looked forward to getting to know her—and the rest of her crazy wolf pack.

Chapter Four


“Wow, that was intense,” I said with a slight giggle as the girls and I headed to my new living quarters. I was going to have a room to myself, which would be a new experience for me. Back home I lived in a larger, apartment-size room with the rest of my family, my dad, mom and little brother, Logan. He was 14 and a pain in my butt.

“Yeah,” Journey laughed. “You would think you were royalty the way the boys acted, stumbling all over themselves like idiots. They didn’t even notice Glory and I. I think Darrow really liked you. He never shows interest in any girls.”

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