Charity Rain (Charity Series Book 5)(7)

By: DeAnna Kinney

Since Deacon took forever to get ready, we told the girls we would meet them at the mall.

“There’s Glory’s car,” Dixon said, pointing at the silver Ford Focus parked in a haphazardly way, taking up some of the other space as well.

“Yep, that’s Glory’s car for sure,” Deacon said, and I could feel the roll of his eyes in his reply.

We all knew that Glory was a bad driver. It took her 6 times to pass for her Driver’s License. I still think my dad had something to do with getting them to finally pass her because any DMV Examiner could see that she was very bad at it—especially her parking.

Once inside it was easy to spot the girls. They were huddled around a rack of clothes, in awe of the sales prices.

“Hey girls,” Deacon said, putting his arm around Journey and Glory. “What’s up?”

“Oh hey, guys,” Glory said, her voice light with the joy she always showed. “Can you believe these prices?”

“So, Rain, how you liking it here so far?” Deacon asked without really looking at her. He was studying Glory as if he had never really seen her before. “You look great, by the way,” he said to Glory. “Did you change your hair?”

She just laughed in response.

I glanced over to Rain whose expression looked slightly confused.

I shrugged at her. “Don’t try to figure him out. It’s useless.”

This brought out a small giggle from her, and it rang in my ears like a wind chime; not the loud obnoxious ones that make you cringe but the light soothing ones that played a sweet melody in your ears that reached all the way to your inner soul. Okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic but you get my point. Let’s just say I liked it. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not usually the type to fall over a girl. Actually not too many even catch my eye. I’m not sure why, but I’ve never been girl crazy like Deacon. Even our quiet Dixon noticed girls more than I did. I’ve just always been that way, but for some reason, this Rain girl had something that drew me to her. It was a weird feeling, almost like I could sense her presence or something like that. I hadn’t quite put my finger on it yet.

As I pulled myself from my thoughts, I noticed Rain watching me. Her look seemed curious. I shrugged. “What?”

Her smile was soft, her eyes kind. “I don’t know. I sense that something is bothering you. Are you okay?”

At first I was surprised. What did she mean she could sense me? But then I felt warm that she was concerned at all. “No, I’m totally fine.” And then I ran my hand across the back of my neck, rubbing it tightly. “I think anyway,” I added, beginning to feel unsure.

She giggled again, and again I felt a tingle I couldn’t explain, just like in the dining hall earlier. What was happening here? Before I could think on it any further, Deacon stepped in front of me and began a conversation with her that had something to do with being the strongest of the three of us. I rolled my eyes and tuned him out.

The girls continued to shop while us guys walked around outside for a while. They finally stepped out of the last store, their arms full of bags. We took their bags from them and began walking toward their car.

Rain stopped abruptly. We all copied her gesture.

“What is it?” I asked quickly.

Her eyes pulled together in tight squints as they scanned the area. “I’m not sure exactly. I caught a strange scent just now.”

Without further delay we jumped into action. This was not a time for taking any chances. “Deacon you take the back; Dixon you the side.” They didn’t question me as the three of us handed off the bags and quickly split up to cover the area.

In a few short minutes we were back. “Did you find anything?” I asked the others.

“Nothing. We didn’t catch any scents out of the ordinary.”

“Good,” I responded. “Me either.” I turned to Rain and the girls. “It’s okay. It was a false alarm. We can go now.”

“I’m sorry,” Rain said to us, her voice sincere. “I could have sworn I caught an odd scent.”

“Hey, no problem,” Dixon said. “That’s one reason we’re here. We’ll keep you safe. No worries,” he finished with a smile.

Also By DeAnna Kinney

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