Charity Rain (Charity Series Book 5)

By: DeAnna Kinney

The Drake Triplets

Charity Series Book 5



As I lay on the bed, my beautiful daughter wrapped in my arms, I basked in the glory of the simple act of comforting her. Werewolves didn’t get sick, and she had the werewolf gene coursing through her blood as well as any of them, but her monthly cycle had just begun. No female, werewolf or not, could escape the snares of that evil, devouring part of every girl’s life, and with werewolves it seemed to be extra hard. It’s all that darn Eve’s fault. She had to go and eat the forbidden fruit, now didn’t she? But come on, who was I to judge really? I mean I’d done dumb things in my past as well. Granted they were probably Levi’s fault, but still.

At age 11, Anora was all I could have wished for in a daughter. Her first name was Lola, Grandmammy’s first name, but we called her Anora. We gave her the unique middle name, which meant ‘light’ because the moment I peered down into her sparkling blue eyes, that was the very thing she brought to my heart—and the hearts of everyone she met. She was indeed the light in our already bright lives. Her brothers were deeply in love with her.

Her brothers.

Now that was another subject indeed. Don’t get me wrong, they were the loves of my life and were growing into amazing young men, but their competitive spirit was getting more troublesome. And there didn’t seem to be an end in sight.

I knew I was gonna need all the help my God could give me if we were to survive what was coming next. And with the arrival of the girls back to the Drake House, there was sure to be more trouble than ever, and of the furry kind; though what other kind came to me anyway?

Chapter One


It was a full moon. The wind blew through my thick dark fur as my legs carried me with alarming speed through the forest I knew so well. This was my favorite thing on earth to do; nothing compared to the feeling of running with my pack, my family. My dad, along with his twin brother Eli, was leading the way, with my two brothers and me trailing on his heels.

My dad, Levi, was a powerful alpha, leader and werewolf. I had heard tales all my life of the amazing things he had done to protect our family, and most of all, my mother.

Charity—my mother—now there was a powerful werewolf, though she had no werewolf blood in her at all. That was the cool part. She was just plain awesome without it. Everyone in our pack, as well as other packs, loved and admired her. They had also learned to fear her. She was different from the others, and it was no secret that she would do anything to protect her family. But she didn’t have to worry much about that these days. My dad was good at keeping her safe, along with the rest of us. Yes, we were all in good and capable hands.

My life seemed to be perfect. I had great and loving parents, two brothers that kept me on my toes, and an adoring little sister who stole my heart again every day. Yet, something was missing. I felt the stirring in my spirit, and I knew things were somehow getting ready to change and in a big way. I just didn’t know how, and that was the problem. My brothers sensed it too. Something was coming—but what—and would we survive it?

Girls! The girls were returning from their summer break spent in Alaska with the Mason pack. By the girls, I meant, Glorianna, or Glory as we called her, Ashley and Josh’s daughter, and Journey, my uncle Eli’s adopted daughter. He and his wife Destiny adopted Journey, Destiny’s baby sister, when her parents were killed in a hurricane. Levi wasn’t able to save them all, only Destiny and her little sister. Journey was only a baby at the time. Both girls were like sisters to us. We hadn’t seen them in almost three months, and we were beginning to miss them, though none of us would easily admit it, Deacon especially. He was the stubborn one, among other things.

My mom was so excited when she shared the news that the girls were finally returning. It seemed they were bringing someone home with them. Now this would be interesting. It was always interesting when someone visited our pack, and not because we were scary or anything like that, but because we were so strange. I mean we had a vampire living with us as an ally at one point. I was just a baby and don’t remember him, but he was special to my mom and that’s all I needed to know to like him.

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