Chase the Road

By: Karolyn James

(Gone by Autumn Book Five) (A Brothers of Rock Novel)

She’s loved him for years… he’s loved her for years… and now is their last chance to make it work…


From the second Gone by Autumn drummer Blake met Maya, he’s loved her. He’s kept a close eye on her heart for years, desperately wanting to cross a line they swore they never would again.

The band is gearing up to hit the road and Maya is with someone else… leaving Blake wondering if he has waited too long.


Maya has herself convinced that she can survive her rocky relationship because nothing – absolutely nothing – can ever happen with Blake. She knows what she wants, but the risk of going after it may be just too much to handle.


With one phone call Blake and Maya are suddenly thrust together… finally alone… finally opening up about the past. Although Blake has rocked millions of fans on stage, there is only one person he wants in his audience for the rest of his life. Will opening old wounds close the door on their future?


The first time Blake ever laid eyes on Maya he knew she was going to mess with his heart for years. Unless, of course, they ended up together in some kind of fairy tale romance story. The rockstar drummer and the beautiful, young girl who turned into a crazy good looking, stunning woman.

Blake rubbed his thumb along the side of his beer, wiping up a bead of sweat. He was six deep, with his intentions for six more. At least six more. The beer was supposed to help chase away the thoughts of Maya, not bring more of them forward. But their history was far too deep for a night of drinking to take care of.

After collecting the sweat bead from the glass, Blake looked at it and thought about how many tears he had wiped away from Maya’s pretty blue eyes. How many times he’d seen her cry and for different reasons. Physical pain. Emotional pain. Everything. He protected her and he loved her. He always loved her, and it wasn’t the same kind of love the other guys had for her. Ryan, Gabe, Tanner, and Asher all looked down at Maya as almost like a sister to them. She was as close to the band as their manager Sam was. Always there. Experiencing every high and low.

Maya used to call up all her friends, one by one, and beg them to come to a Gone by Autumn show. She wore a Gone by Autumn t-shirt for months straight. She handed out flyers, stickers, demos, and lived to help the band make it big. For all that work, Maya had been taken care of by the band, but Blake couldn’t give less of a shit about any financial situations right now. This wasn’t financial. This was about heart.

Blake curled his pointer finger and put it to his thumb. He flicked and watched the bead of sweat from the glass disappear. Just like he felt Maya was doing. Disappearing.

Asher sat down next to Blake and slammed down an empty glass. “Goddamn, it’s running smooth tonight.”

Blake looked at Asher and grinned. “Yeah, it is.”

“What’s up with you, man? You’ve been distant. The last two weeks have been…”

“Yeah, I know. I’m living it. I’m there.”

“Christ, man, what’s going on? Are you ready for this tour? I mean, now that things are settling down here with Jocelyn’s old man.”

“I don’t give a shit about the tour,” Blake said. “I mean, I’m looking forward to it, yeah. Of course. Just, I mean, it’s going to be different.”

“Different how?”

“I don’t know, Asher. We picked out a new tour bus. We’re pushing the thing all the time. I mean, we used to just pile in a van and go.”

“We were broke,” Asher said. “We wanted the big time. Now we have it. What’s the problem?”

Blake looked around the little dive bar. “Nothing, man.”

“What is it? Because it’s just us? You think everyone is checking out?”

“Not everyone,” Blake muttered.

“What?” Asher asked, raising his voice over some song blaring from a tabletop jukebox.

“Nothing,” Blake said. “Just everything is different.”

“Of course it is. That’s part of this process.” Asher slapped Blake on the back. “Now kill that beer, order a fresh one, and let’s get some wings or something.”

“Some wings or something?” Blake asked.

Asher shrugged his shoulders. “Kind of strange to be in a bar and not have my eyes searching, you know?”

“Yeah. The wild rockstar’s heart is tamed now.”

“I wouldn’t say tamed,” Asher said with a smile. “More like… settled. I’m still wild. Just for one person though.”

“Congrats, man. I’m happy for you.”

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