Cherished (Demon's Mark 6)

By: Nora Ash


He was meant to let her go. She was meant to be free.

Kain never knew he was capable of love - or that any woman would ever be able to give her heart to him.

Yet when the mate he Claimed to ease his guilty conscience needs his protection once again, he can't stop his possessive urges from taking over. She is all he wants and everything he needs - and he will lay the world in ruins to keep her by his side.

After a lifetime of being chased by demons, Selma is finally free. But freedom comes at a much higher price than she could have imagined: giving up everything she ever wanted. Perhaps the most important things in life can be found in the arms of the very creatures she always feared?

Cherished contains explicit sexual content, including demonic mating, obscenely large - and not entirely human - anatomy, and whatever other trouble a girl can get into in the hands of her demon captors. Only suitable for ages 18+.



Kain threw yet another violent wave of energy at the wall separating him from his collapsed mate. He knew she couldn’t hear his call, but the sound of her name helped him focus his efforts.

He should never have let her go—should have kept her by his side where she would be safe forevermore. But he had felt guilt, and because of his lack of a spine, she was in serious trouble.

Never again.


With the next surge of power he felt as well as heard the faintest hint of a crack in the barrier. It wasn’t enough to break through, but it was something. He would get to her, even if he had to drain his own life essence to do so.

Just as he was about to let another discharge free, movement further down the road, behind the wall, caught his attention. There were people coming down it—three women on foot.

Kain snarled. Though he knew they couldn’t hear him, they could most definitely see his rage, judging from their terrified faces.

Slowly, deliberately, he gathered his dark power in a mist around his body, before pointing to Selma’s unmoving figure.

The gesture was clear—either they help her, or he would pull the fucking barrier down around their ears—and it seemed to register with the women. Two of them noticed Selma and rushed to her side, while the third kept a wary eye on him.

They were talking to each other, but he couldn’t read their lips. Couldn’t see what they said about his little mate’s condition.

The anxious wait made him pace as the women took her pulse and pressed at her body. After a moment, the female not at Selma’s side disappeared back down the road.

It felt like an eternity until finally, the two remaining women lifted her up between them. However, instead of carrying her straight to him, they paused on the other side of the wall, sending him nervous glances.

As if he gave two shits about them!

Angrily, he gestured at them to bring her out, but they still hesitated. Then one of them pointed down the road, behind him.

They wanted him to back away.

It was physically painful to put more distance between himself and the passed out woman he was bound to, but he understood that it was the only way they would dare leave the safety of the barrier. So he did.

Only when he was about fifty yards away did they finally move forward, breaching the wall as if it was nothing but air. They carried her limp body out with them, and despite his near-painful concern over her unconscious state something dark and hollow deep within eased now that she was no longer behind the his enemies’ magic protection.

“What’s wrong with her?” he called the second they were through, worry making his voice hitch.

They looked up, startled, but didn’t reply. As soon as they’d lowered Selma to the ground, they retreated back to the safety of their Sanctuary.

Cowards. But it didn’t matter—they had brought her out to him, and that was all he cared about.

Kain was by her side in seconds. He knelt down on the ground so he could examine her himself.

She was still breathing, and when he checked her pulse it seemed to be getting steadier with each beat.

“What happened, little one?” he mumbled, gently stroking her hair away from her face. Now that he could touch her and see that she wasn’t in overt danger any more, the fear bubbling in his stomach was settling down. Still, until she opened her eyes and spoke to him, he would not let his relief distract him from his need to keep her safe.

As gently as he could, he lifted his human mate so she was resting against him. Underneath the worry, there was relief—but it was at having her with him again, rather than her current state of health. Every part of his being had felt the loss of her when she crossed through the barrier, and now every part of him felt her return. It was intoxicating.

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