By: SE Hall & Erin Noelle

“MORE,” SHE BEGS, HER COLOSSAL brown eyes dilated in ecstasy and pleading with mine.

She’s always mesmerizing, but spread before me, bronze-skinned body thrashing amongst the rumpled white sheets in restless desire, she seems celestial, an apparition of unearthly measure.

“You don’t need more,” I provoke her with a cocky grin. Looming over her on my knees, sliding only one finger in and out of her silken warmth in deliberate leisure, I wait for her to surrender—come to me—passion uncontrollable.

And come she will.

Already impossibly wet, she now flows splendidly, her body thriving on my torment despite her stubborn battle. Pulse quickening in her strained neck, ample, natural breasts bouncing with each deep, desperate breath she takes, I bite back my smirk…almost there.

“Bryce.” Her rasp of what she believes is my name boosts my rapid heartbeat, but what I wouldn’t give for her to moan out…

No, not yet. She knows me as Bryce, and what she craves is me—my body, mouth, tongue, and cock…my mind, humor, conversation, and soul. Everything of importance, she has or wants of me, true and genuine. All I’m able to give her, I have, and it’s been sincere. One small detail won’t break us in the end.

I keep telling myself that, determined to believe it.

I can’t expect of her faith I don’t return.

“What is it, J? You need more?” I push a second finger into her slick sweetness and close my eyes, letting her sweet sounds fill my senses.

“Bry, don’t…you, ugh,” she blathers in exasperation, grinding down harder on my fingers. I don’t stifle my chuckle fast enough, earning myself a flippant scowl, but it couldn’t be helped. When she gets frustrated and starts speaking in gibberish, it’s sexy as hell. It’s so irresistible, in fact, I antagonize her even further.

“My brilliant girl, reduced to one syllable at a time?” I challenge, brow arched. “Where’s boss lady, huh? She’d have already shown me what she wants, what she needs.”

Oh, hell yes! I forced her to the brink; now we’re talking and here she comes...up on her knees in a flash, the savage intensity of a huntress glowing in her eyes. “She’s right the fuck here,” she hisses against my mouth as she commands it with her own, a debilitating sequence of nips, licks, and sucks as she takes both sides of my shirt and rips it apart, buttons flying across the room, followed immediately by my belt being unbuckled and ripped through the pant loops for me.

I love this Jocelyn—confident as she is curvaceous, witty as she is wanton—a lioness. Devouring every inch of my chest with a hot, rigid tongue, she mumbles another command, which again, I can’t quite decipher. The part I did catch was ‘pants,’ so I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess the rest was something along the lines of ‘off.’

“English, babe.” I taste my request upon the most succulent lips in existence, clinging to contact as I maneuver out of my pants and boxer briefs as directed.

Now naked as she, I’m pushed onto my back as her beautiful body coyly shifts over me, knees creeping up the outskirts of my hips. “You understand me perfectly,” a provocative quirk twists at the corner of her mouth, “don’t you?”

I nod—universal language—and her expression darkens, every forbidden intention and wish amply clear.

“Then what’re you waiting for?” she tempts.

“You.” Her head tilts and eyes squint in an adorable mix of curiosity and confusion at my response. “Been waiting my whole life…for you, and here you are, bare and ripe for my taking, oblivious to all the power you hold.”

She’s yet to fully comprehend exactly how much she means to me, and the lengths to which I’d go for her.



I crook my finger, beckoning her closer, and she lowers, laying every inch of her exposed, fevered flesh on mine. Her breasts slide against my chest, a slippery sheen of sweat glistening on us both, my hard length between us. It’s like I finally found the spot for that last piece of the puzzle. Not an easy one, a corner—no, that one damn piece you put back to the side every time you pick it up, waiting until all else falls into place, the hole left at the end telling you where it belongs by default.

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