Crash & Burn

By: London Casey

A Back Down Devil MC Novel

Stealing a motorcycle, crashing it, witnessing a bomb explosion, and being held at gunpoint while begging for her life is a far cry from the life that Avery Smith is trying to escape in the first place, but as she winds up in the strong, sexy arms of another biker, she can't help but wonder why she would want to leave that life ever again.

Landon Cryen knows it's a mistake to bring Avery into the clubhouse. There's too much going on right now. In the midst of a raging war with a rival crew, they have to satisfy a business deal and find the ones responsible for almost killing a fellow member in a bombing. But sensing Avery's pain - and feeling her body - has Landon questioning everything he believes in. The pressure puts him over the edge and soon he and the Back Down Devil MC are blackmailed into handling the murder of a man who can potentially take down the MC.

Avery knows she should run away, but she can't escape Landon - or Back Down Devil MC. She knows more than she should, so she decides to step up and prove her feelings for Landon and her respect for the club.

Once Avery steps into a dangerous world without the protection of the MC, she has to find the strength that had once been taken from her... the question is, will her strength be enough to make it back to Landon's arms safely?


The day was slowly dying with a soft breeze and warm air. Behind a thin trail of exhaust and gas fumes rested the town of Frelen, California, close to the coast and protected by the crew of Back Down Devil Motorcycle Club.

The focus had shifted from protection and to survival. A few of the guys had a sense of faith; one wore a rosary around his neck, a couple others displayed crosses on their arms or chests, but most of Back Down Devil MC’s faith existed in the two wheels on the road, the knives and guns they carried, and the fire in their eyes for the truest freedom that only some men could handle.

On their way to the hospital, Landon rode alongside Shay, who was supposed to be the victim here. Someone had put a bomb in Shay’s new car, but it hadn’t gone off in time. When the bomb ignited, Erik had been right there. It was a damn miracle that Erik hadn’t been blown to pieces. It was even more of a miracle that Erik was still alive now.

In front of them rode Gaige and Miller and in the back was Blaine. They all took turns visiting Erik in the hospital. He was in a delicate state. The mental effect of being attacked and not being able to seek out the necessary revenge on the asshole who tried to kill someone in Back Down Devil MC was almost worse than the physical pain. There hadn’t even been a meeting yet to discuss thoughts and options on who could have done the bombing and how to properly approach it.

If it were up to Landon, he’d love to convince Gaige to just finish off the Eight Under crew. They were definitely suspects after Gaige flew into a revenge filled fury that ended with Gaige killing two guys in Eight Under, one of which he kidnapped and tortured by cutting his eyeballs out.

It was a sick life, but that’s how true justice was served. Right or wrong, fair or not, it didn’t fucking matter. What mattered was that Back Down Devil rode the streets when they wanted and they did what was needed.

Pulling into the hospital, the roars of the engines announced the MC’s arrival. Frebrough Medical was the closest hospital and with the history between the doctors, administrators, and the MC, it gave the crew the ability to receive medical care in a way nobody else in town did.

Miller skipped the normal parking lot and went around to the back of the hospital. He parked right against the building, the rest of the motorcycles pulling into line. They all turned their engines off.

“Fuck, I hate this shit,” Blaine said as he took his helmet off.

“What shit?” Gaige asked.

“Hospitals. People are up there dying, man. Fuck, someone could have died just now.”

“People are dying everywhere,” Miller said. His deep voice was a strong voice of reason. “Everywhere, brother.”

“This is for Erik,” Landon said. “I don’t give a fuck about anyone else in this place. As long as the doctors keep him patched up and get him out of here soon.”

“He’s got a long road,” Griffin said.

“A long road to revenge,” Landon said. “One we haven’t talked about yet.”

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