Crossroads (Crossroads Saga Book 1)

By: Mary Ting


For my grandmother, Lucy Rhee, the reason this book was written. I know you are in heaven watching over me.

My husband, Richard, and kids, Joshua and Kaitlin, you are my life and the reason for my happiness.

Enormous thanks to Kristina, Linda and Jennie. They have dedicated countless hours in making this book possible. Kristina, the most creative person I know, who has been there for me from the start. For your motivation, enthusiasm and love of the characters that got us excited to move forward with the book. Linda, for constantly challenging me to improve the story and for your critical feedback regarding characters and plot. Jennie, for your vital editorial guidance and wonderful suggestions that were essential to the story’s development.

Michelle, who has inspired me that dreams can come true and for all your support.

For my parents-for the person I am today. Roy, Maggie, Nancy, Lily, Jane, Jenny, Patricia, Hung, Gracie, Holly, and Ai for your support in everything I do.

For my little cheerleader, Sylvie, my number one fan.

**Regina Wamba—Thank you so much for creating amazing covers for Crossroads Saga.

It’s beyond perfect.

**Re-edits by Tiffany Fox. Thank you for your guidance and support.

For the readers of this book, fly with me through this incredible journey. Fall in love with the characters as much as I did and make Crossroads your place to be. Thank you for your support.

Our destiny can be examined, but it cannot be justified or totally explained. We are simply here. Every man has his own destiny; the only imperative is to follow it, to accept it, no matter where it leads him.

—Henry Miller


There was something different about her this time. He didn’t know how long it had been since her last visit, only that she had blossomed beautifully, and he knew it had been too long. His eyes were immediately drawn to hers, radiant like the sun. Instantly, he was mesmerized by her. He saw her now in a way he hadn’t before—almost forbidden.

Her long, lustrous auburn hair shimmered in the sunlight, tousled from the gentle breeze and brushing softly against her delicate face. She was striking in her simplicity, yet she took his breath away. A flawless painting was what he saw, and he couldn’t believe she was here again—all grown up. In his eyes, she was perfect in every way.

He had always watched her from a distance, like a guardian protecting her, so she wouldn’t be found as a child. And just like the past times, she always looked lost, as if visiting for the first time, though she had been there many times before. What tortured him the most was knowing he was unable to comfort her.

She was unaware of his presence, and there wasn’t a glimmer of a chance she knew he was just beyond her reach. An endless field of tall, thick grass was the only thing separating them, but would she ever be able to cross over? It was nearly impossible. He watched as she pushed and shoved, trying to pass through. But there was only one way in, and she would never know. He reached out his hand to help her and then stopped. It took every ounce of energy to refrain from letting her in. His fist tightened and shivered as he fought against what he wanted most—her.

Suddenly, she looked straight at him, her eyes sparkling like the most perfect, luminous stars. He didn’t twitch, but inhaled the moment as if she really did see him, for he knew her eyes were focused elsewhere, instead. Though she seemed a world away, he imagined feeling her sweet breath on his lips. He gasped at the thought, wondering why he was feeling this way. The heat infusing his body wasn’t anything he had felt or remembered before, whatever was left of his memory. He was trained not to have these types of human emotions, and yet it confounded him how she appeared to have taken him over. He didn’t mind at all. He liked the way she made him feel. After all, she didn’t even know he existed, although a part of him wished she did.

He watched as a butterfly landed on the tip of her finger, and she let out a huge, heartwarming smile. The innocence of her smile sent desire to every part of him. He knew he was completely spellbound by this human being. If only he could breathe in her scent, embrace her in his arms, and feel her warmth just once, even if that was all it could be. In the end, he knew it was hopeless.

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