DC Affairs:Book I

By: Selene Chardou

Chapter One


I could think of many better ways to spend my Friday afternoon but at the moment, my time was taken up at the Coburn Presidential Headquarters. I needed a job in the worst way, and though I’d spent over two thousand dollars on my interview outfit alone, I had a feeling it would pay off. At least, I hoped it would.

I showed up to an empty office in the heart of DC, wearing a designer royal blue shift dress, and matching suit coat. If there were others who worked there, they were conspicuously absent and this didn’t seem like an oversight on my interviewer’s part.

The young woman interviewing me had to be at least thirty-five though she still possessed youth-infused looks, shiny auburn hair and captivating pale green eyes. Her body was athletic though she had rather large breasts carefully hidden under a midnight gray designer power suit and stylish Christian Louboutins’ adorned her feet.

There was nothing about her that spelled cheap or tacky and I hoped to God I conveyed the same image to her.

She smiled ingratiatingly at me though the only reason it wasn’t a full on smirk was due to her passion and less than cynical attitude towards her boss, Governor Peter Coburn.

“Hello, I’m Kylie Miller, campaign manager for the Governor. Usually my assistant, Russell Berkeley, conducts the interviews for the Governor’s aides but since you will have a major job in the Presidential campaign, the Governor insisted I meet with you, personally.”

I smiled back and tried to leave my own snarky feelings out of it. She was a bitch but that was hardly of consequence. As long as she did her job and took me seriously, that’s what mattered.

“Sigourney Stewart,” I responded as we shook hands.

Her palms were warm and dry, her handshake firm before she let go and proceeded to turn her back on me. “We’ll speak in my office and conduct the interview there.”

“Is the Governor on site?” I inquired while I tried to keep up with her long stride. Clearly I wasn’t as practiced walking in four-inch designer heels as the campaign manager. I’d only recently graduated from university, and was much used to running from class to class in Nikes or one of my favorite pair of UGGs.

Kylie stopped walking and I barely managed to stop myself before I ran into her as she whipped around to face me. “Why do you want to know where the Governor is? Are you getting ready to bat your eyelashes and fan-girl the man? For God’s sake, Governor Coburn is married, Miss Stewart.”

“I know that, Ms. Miller.” My face flushed and I could feel a blush creep up from my neck as I tried to keep my temper in check. “I planned to do no such thing. I only wanted to meet the man. I was born and raised in Maryland, and meeting the Governor is not something that happens to me everyday. I’m sorry if I offended you, it wasn’t my intention.”

She smirked this time before she turned away from me and continued to walk. “The Governor is in Annapolis at the moment but the campaign headquarters will remain here in Washington, D.C. I hope I don’t have to explain to you why. This is where all the top political figures are, including President Nyongo-Rice. She has been mum about who she would like to take over for her after she finishes her eight years in 2016 but it’s a given Elaine Riley sees herself as a natural successor, merely because her husband was also President of the United States. This campaign is about continuing with Nyongo-Rice’s policies and not changing a damn thing. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Ms. Miller,” I managed to reply to her canned speech.

“Good.” She opened the door to her office and I followed her inside. She closed the door behind me as I took a seat in front of her desk. There was a seventeen-inch MacBook Pro open and her workspace was generally uncluttered. The office was cold, impersonal, without even the basic necessities there like photos or personal memorabilia.

As she took her seat, I noticed her glance at her laptop screen before she slammed it shut and faced me again with cold green eyes.

I cleared my throat though my gaze never wavered from hers and she looked away first. “I’ve seen your résumé and know the basics about you. You’re impressive: you graduated from Harvard with a Political Science degree, Magna Cum Laude, and you recently graduated from law school at Georgetown, Summa Cum Laude. Tell me, do you plan to take the bar exam this summer?”

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