Dangerous Ties (Ties #1)


First off I need to thank my fans. I know it has been hard waiting months upon months for me to release a book. Pregnancy hasn’t been easy on me and makes writing let alone doing anything else almost impossible. Therefore, thank you for sticking by me through all of this. You’re the best fans ever.

Secondly is my marketing team, my pimper’s, my two PA’s, along with the numerous bloggers that have helped me. Thank you for putting up with me and all the changes I have had to make. I’m surprised some of ya’ll haven’t attempted to ring my neck yet.

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I knew the moment I laid eyes on her I had to have her. My body hummed with energy, my muscles tightened with tension, and my cock grew thick with anticipation of hitting the bottom of her stroke after stroke.

“Grayson,” Tuck’s deep voice said my name with inquisition. He must’ve seen that my attention was elsewhere, that something or rather someone had caught my eye long enough to distract me from him. I laughed a little to myself, Tuck was always making sure we stuck to any plan we came up with, so going off script right now had his attention fully on me.

I ran a hand through my thick hair and then down my face. It had been months since my last adventure outside of anything that didn’t include knives, death, or blood being spilled across a concrete floor.

“Tucker,” I said his name with the same tone, my eyes meeting his dark ones. His thick eyebrows shot up, and a smooth smirk spread across his arrogant face.

Tuck was a handsome fucker with his dirty blonde hair and forrest green eyes, but there was more to him than his good looks. His body was built for the kill, his mind sharp as a nail, and his dominant nature always in full effect.

Then there was me. Being a killer wasn’t by choice. When your parents’ owed money to someone and payment was late, something was taken in return. Something or someone. That someone was me. Boss took me and made me into exactly what he saw fit. A murderer is what I became. I dealt with the death and blood that loomed around me the only way I knew how.

I relished in it. And if your name ended up on my list, you were good as dead. After all, I had a vengeance−a thirsty need for blood that couldn’t be quenched no matter how many times I slaughtered those that took from me. Then things changed. I changed.

Sometimes you were just the pawn in the middle of a war bigger than you ever suspected.

Secrets of the past were exposed, sides were taken, and it was then that I realized loyalty was not given freely but earned. Especially when it was your family at risk.

A menacing growl escaped Tuck’s mouth, pulling me from my own fucked up thoughts. My eyes immediately met the cold stare in his. He knew I wasn’t fucking around tonight, no matter what the fuck he had to say about it. When I went back to the seedy hotel room I was currently occupying, I wasn’t going back alone.

“She’s too pretty, too−” Tuck paused for a moment as I turned my attention back to her.

“Too goody to shoes, if you know what I mean.” He leaned in close to me, the whiskey on his breath permeating the air. I was used to it by now, though. I understood the need to drink to cover up all the chaos you found yourself intertwined with each day.

Taking a deep breath, I eyed her from my seat. Music blared and lights flashed around us while sweaty bodies rubbed against one another. Clubs really weren’t our thing, but when we finally found a moment to ourselves that didn’t revolve around the art of torture, we decided we’d come to the club a couple blocks over to unwind, find an easy target to do in the toilet, and get some fucking relief. But, of course, I would throw caution to the wind the moment I spotted someone out of my league.

I cracked my knuckles, my body was wired up, but it wasn’t because of the things going on around me. Nah, it had everything to do with the piece of hot ass across the room. I smiled, knowing that I was going in for the kill and there was no way of escaping me.

“The good ones always fall the hardest for the bad boys.” I shot him a smirk, downing the rest of my jack and coke. I wasn’t really ready to get up and converse with anyone, I was more ready to slam balls deep into someone and listen to the sound of our skin smacking against one another’s. I guess conversation was a good place to start, though, shoving your dick in just any hole that was open could leave you with more than one problem.

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