Dare to Love(5)

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

It wasn’t like she wasn’t asked out. She got asked out a lot, but she wasn’t interested. Funny thing was that she kind of liked Taylor, a deputy in the department. But that wouldn’t be wise to get together with someone she worked with. It could only lead to disaster. Besides that, by the way things worked around here, brothers shared, and that meant a relationship with Kurt and Warner.

The thought made her nervous and afraid. Kurt and Warner traveled a lot. Both men had that whole bad boy, dark, mysterious look about them, and reputation. People avoided them. That couldn’t be good. Plus they got together with the sheriff a lot on criminal matters she knew nothing about. When there was an intense situation like with Adele and her ex, she overhead Max talking with Warner over the phone and he did something, helped out somehow, and she wasn’t supposed to know anything about it. Max saw her and warned her to not repeat what she heard and then stated that Warner had connections and was involved with the government years ago.

Sounded like trouble to her, and also like the kind of man that wasn’t the commitment type, and neither was his brother Kurt. She heard through the town gossip that both men had dangerous professions, and no one really knew what they did. Some said they were spies, hit men, mercenaries, whatever. All she knew was it all sounded scary and she’d done scary all her life, she didn’t need it now. Men like that would break her heart.

But God, the three of them were so good-looking, so intense and fierce they actually oozed masculinity, and made her body yearn to be touched. Maybe that was what really scared her? When Taylor, Kurt, and Warner had to watch over her when Marlena was in danger, she thought she was going to have a heart attack. The way Warner watched her with those deep, dark brown eyes, the hungry expression, and firm jaw, it was unnerving. He had a light beard on his chin and cheeks and his head was practically bald, his hair so short and military trimmed. His muscles? Oh God, he had muscles upon muscles and thinking of him holding her, pressing up against her, made her feel faint. Kurt and Taylor shared similar physiques, but Taylor’s was always hidden beneath his uniform or a dress shirt. Kurt had dark black hair, deep blue eyes, and appeared to not have any hair on his chiseled chest. She took a deep breath and released it. Just thinking about them made her pussy clench. That couldn’t be good. They would hurt her. Maybe not physically, but emotionally. They, like most military types, would expect too much. Their authority, mysterious professions put her on guard. She was tired of feeling on guard, and like everyone was out to get something from her. When she was struggling to make ends meet and take care of her parents, she had met a guy, Dexter. He seemed so sincere, had been a police officer in the neighborhood. He would check up on her and knew her family situation. He felt bad for her, well, more so, took advantage. It wasn’t until he made a move and told her he could make all her sadness disappear.

At first she thought he cared for her, and actually wanted to help her, but then Dexter touched her, kissed her and told her that making love would ease the loneliness and they would have a good time. He was out for sex and nothing more. She learned fast that men couldn’t be trusted. She also learned that a person’s profession didn’t define who they really were. Dexter was a cop, a man of authority, a peace- keeper, a symbol of honor and helpfulness. Yet he saw her, a young girl in high school losing her parents and being burdened by so much, that he tried taking advantage of that.

She knew there were bad people in every profession. Mercedes encountered plenty along the way. She didn’t want to associate other officers in Chance with being manipulative or out for something, but she had that inkling of fear, that bit of resistance to accepting any man in uniform, of authority as being trustworthy. That’s what kept her from acting on her feelings for Taylor. Yet she couldn’t stop watching him, observing his character, his demeanor, and wondering if he could be trusted, and if he and his brothers were special.

She’d seen Taylor in action when he had an arrest. Just last week some drunk guy slammed his car into Billy Sue’s car and sent the girl to the hospital. She had only been driving a year, but it wasn’t her fault. Now the poor teenager feared driving. Taylor had been pissed off, especially since the guy was so drunk he tried to hit Taylor when he uncuffed him to fingerprint him into the system. In a flash Taylor slugged the guy, flipped him onto the floor on his belly, and cuffed him.

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