Dare to Love(57)

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

In a flash Warner was across the room and pulling her into his arms.

He lifted her up and pressed her up against the wall.

He cupped her cheeks and held her gaze.

“Taylor, Kurt, grab the lube and get everything ready. Our woman is getting a spanking and then she’s going to get some loving the way our woman deserves.”

He covered her mouth and kissed her and in no time at all she didn’t remember why she’d gotten so mad at them, but only how much she loved them and needed them in her life forever. She dared to love them and would do so for the rest of her life, and they loved her back. Nothing else in the world mattered to her more than having the love and the protection of Taylor, Kurt, and Warner Dawn. Her men, her lovers, her rescuers, and her partners for life.

Then she felt that little bit of defiance vibrate within her as Warner placed her onto Taylor as he held his cock, waiting for her to ride him.

She took off her shirt and tossed it to the floor then rubbed her hands together.

“Finally you understand exactly what I want. The three of you inside of me,” she said.

“Mercedes.” The three of them said her name in warning and she giggled as they all touched her together, then loved her together. That was all she ever really wanted.


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