Dare to Love(7)

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

“Who sent them to you? Are you seeing someone?” Thelma asked, now up out of her chair and right beside Mercedes complimenting the bouquet.

“I’m not seeing anyone,” she said and looked around her, immediately noticing Taylor.

“What does the card say?” he asked very seriously. She could tell that Mike was finding Taylor’s reaction amusing. She didn’t know why. Taylor was not pleasant to be around when he was pissed off.

She opened the envelope, pulled out the card, and read what it said, aloud.

“Just because you’re as beautiful as these flowers. Hope they make you smile.”

“Awe how sweet is that? My God, Mercedes, you don’t have a clue as to who could have sent them?” Thelma asked.

“None,” Mercedes said and then held the card against her chest as she leaned forward and smelled the flowers again.

“Whoever it was, they know what kind of flowers you like,” Mike said to her.

“I saw these in the grocery store today when I did a little food shopping on my lunch break. Maybe someone saw me admiring them? But who?” Mercedes asked aloud.

“Sounds like a mystery, but I think everyone needs to get back to work. Taylor, can you head over toward the new construction site on the edge of town? Seems they’re paving the roads and it’s causing a lot of congestion and drivers are getting pissed off. Maybe some police presence will help people not lean down on the horn so much?” Sheriff Gordon said aloud, breaking up the crowd.

Mercedes looked at the flowers again and felt so happy inside. It was amazing what getting flowers could do to a woman.

“Mercedes, those are beautiful flowers. It’s nice to see you smile so wide,” Max told her then smiled at her before heading back to his office.

Mercedes couldn’t help but feel bubbly inside. She put her password into her computer and began to get back to work. But she couldn’t help but glance at the floral arrangement. She was touched and wished she knew who sent them so she could thank the person. Then she wondered why Taylor was so angry. Could he be jealous?

She shook her head at the thought. Why would Taylor care? He didn’t like her in that way. And even if he did, she wouldn’t get involved with a coworker. That was a big no-no. She pulled out her phone, took a picture of the flowers, and texted them to the girls. They were going to go crazy.

* * * *

“I thought you said that you forgot to take something out for dinner?” Taylor asked as he walked into the house after work. He was in such a pissed-off mood. He wondered who the fuck sent Mercedes those flowers. They were beautiful and he even went to the store to see if he could find out. When he asked the young clerk who had delivered the flowers, he told him the gentleman that bought them was very nice and not from town. He’d also given him fifty bucks.

“I picked up some food today and things.”

Taylor went over to wash his hands.

“What’s up with you?” Kurt asked him.


“Bullshit, nothing. You look like you lost your best friend and want to go kill something. What gives?”

Taylor walked toward the counter and saw the food shopping bag and pushed it to the side to grab a handful of M&Ms that were in a bowl on the counter.

“Mercedes got a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered to her today.”

“What?” Kurt asked and then turned away.

“Yeah, really fucking nice ones. Some secret admirer or suave asshole. He fucking put a lame note on the card.”

“What do you mean lame note?” Kurt asked, looking angry now, too. For a second there Taylor had thought his brother really didn’t give a shit.

“The fucking card said something like, ‘Just because you’re as beautiful as these flowers. Hope they make you smile,’ or some bullshit like that,” Taylor told him.

Kurt looked like he was thinking about the words. “I don’t know. That’s kind of a nice compliment. They were beautiful flowers, right?” he asked.

Taylor stared at Kurt, who looked completely uncomfortable. Then he looked back at the counter.

“She said she saw them in the supermarket. I went there to find out who sent them but the kid said the guy gave him a fifty. You were at the store today. Was it you? Did you have those flowers delivered to her?”

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