Dare to Love(8)

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

Taylor saw Kurt trying to keep a straight face.


“Holy shit!” Taylor ran his hands through his brown hair.

“Holy fucking shit. You have never done anything remotely romantic like that fucking ever, not even to get into Sally Anne’s pants senior year of high school.”

“Fuck you, I can be romantic if I fucking want to be,” Kurt said then turned away and finished making dinner.

Taylor thought about it a moment. His brother did like Mercedes. He must like her a lot to do something like this.

“How did it happen? What made you do it?” Taylor couldn’t help but to ask.

“You make it sound like I committed a crime and need penance. I fucking saw her in the supermarket staring at these gorgeous flowers. She looked at the price and then put them back down and walked away looking disappointed. I didn’t think twice. I bought them, paid the clerk to deliver them and to keep his mouth shut, and that’s the end of it. She was happy when she saw them? That was the point.”

“Bro, she was beaming from ear to ear. I don’t even think she cared about not knowing who sent them as much as she truly was touched by them. Me, on the other hand, was a fucking raging dick.”

Kurt chuckled. “Oh man, what did you do?”

“Looked at her like she committed adultery. She’s not even mine yet and I’m jealous of every guy who looks at her, asks her out, or flirts with her. This is insane.”

“I heard from Warner an hour ago. He’s coming home. He’ll be here by Thursday.”

“Thank God. We need to talk.”

“I know we do. Let’s wait for him. But you should rest a little easier knowing it was me who sent her those flowers and not some secret admirer.”

Taylor smirked and nodded his head.

“It does.”

“Good. So no more going around and threatening store clerks.”

“I only slightly pushed him. Apparently you intimidated him more and you gave him fifty bucks.”

“That’s why I’m older and smarter than you.”

“Screw you, you think you are. Wait until I tell Warner about your romantic side.”

“Fuck you.”

Taylor laughed and then headed toward the fridge for a bottle of water. He couldn’t believe how relieved he felt, and even more importantly, optimistic, that Mercedes would one day belong to him and his brothers and they would treat her as special as she deserved to be treated. He just needed to be patient.

Chapter 2

Mercedes, Marlena, Alicia, and Adele were laughing as they headed out of the comedy show. Wager County was a beautiful area right outside of Chance. It was built up with lots of storefronts, a movie theatre, a small shopping mall, and a few big chain superstores. There was a really famous bar and restaurant called Bobby’s Treasure Chest. They offered fresh seafood, a raw bar, restaurant, and connected to it was a dance club. It had an upscale bar with an outdoor deck and bar that overlooked the water.

“Danny and Jack made us reservations at Bobby’s Treasure Chest. Their friends own the place,” Marlena told them as they headed across the street and down the block.

“God, it’s such a warm night. I don’t even need this sweater,” Alicia said as she took off the light sweater and placed it over her purse, tying the arms of it to the strap.

“Well it was a bit chilly in the comedy club. But out here is beautiful,” Adele added and she hugged Mercedes’s arm as they all walked down the street together.

“Oh my, look at that place,” Marlena said and pointed at the storefront of a lingerie store. There was a sexy red negligee hanging in the window along with some other upscale items.

“Let’s check it out. Maybe I’ll bring the Ferguson brothers a little surprise home,” Adele said and let go of Mercedes’s arm to open the door.

“You guys go inside, I’ll wait here,” Mercedes said, feeling uncomfortable.

Marlena grabbed her arm and pulled her along with them.

“No, you won’t. You’re coming in, too,” Marlena told her and led her into the store.

Everyone walked around the place and Mercedes had to admit that the woman had gorgeous stuff.

“Can I help you find anything specific?” a woman asked and when Mercedes turned around she recognized Jessica. She lived in Chance with her mom and dad. She was three years younger than Mercedes.

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