By: Sara Wolf

But right now, I’m in love. And somehow I know that won’t change at all.

Sugar Sparkle In The Morning does another lap in the pen, running just under my window. She stops, looks through the glass dead at me, and whinnies, rearing back on her hind legs. She’s excited. So am I. Terrified, but excited without a doubt.

I hold my stomach with one hand and text with the other.


I smile.

James Morgan Montenegro.


~To the community – you guys have been amazing. I could not have finished this book without your encouragement in the form of FB comments, notes, and tweets. You are all amazing, and thank you so much for welcoming me with such warm arms into the world of new adult and romance in general.

~To the reader; you are the reason I wrote this. Thank you for all your support, love, and time.

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