By: Dawn McClure


An old enemy resurfaces…

After being possessed by demons in what everyone refers to as The Incident, Kelsey is determined to get back on the streets as an assassin. Having worked for the Alliance—a group of elite vampire and demonic assassins—for over seven hundred years, she doesn’t doubt her return—until an old enemy makes a comeback. He frames her with his own sinful actions, forcing her to go rogue to clear her name.

An unexpected mission changes everything…

As a new demonic assassin in the Alliance, Domiel is expected to take training seriously. Unfortunately, his training comes in second to temptations of the flesh. Though he’s known as an irresistible Casanova, the one woman who interests him is the only one who continually snubs him. Ironically, his first mission is to find his elusive lady and return her to Alliance Headquarters for questioning.

An unlikely partnership…

In a matter of hours Domiel’s mission changes from apprehending Kelsey to assassinating her, putting him in a damned uncomfortable position. Problem is, he starts to believe her when she claims her innocence. Together they must track down an incubus while avoiding the trained assassins of the Alliance. And if there’s one thing both newbie and veteran know, it’s that no one escapes the Alliance.

Chapter One

Alliance Headquarters

Highlands, Scotland

Jade had lost her damned mind.


Kelsey bent at the elbows on command, kept her back and legs straight, and prayed Jade would get struck by lightning. The Alliance, made up of the elite of the vampire and demonic species, policed their kind to keep order within the immortal sector. Having been one of the Alliance’s assassins for over seven hundred years, she’d never been pushed this far in training. They’d started at the crack of dawn, and it was now past midnight.

Shit. She was just making excuses for being out of shape. She glanced to the male on her right, his shoulders and biceps flexed as he stayed in the position Jade had commanded. No, he wasn’t gasping for breath as she was, and she’d bet her daggers he wasn’t even close.

Lightning lit the sky, illuminating the ancient castle to the right of the training field, visible just over the male’s back. Her home for nearly eight hundred years, her prison for the past few months.

With her peripheral vision Kelsey caught sight of Jade, a fellow assassin and now lead trainer for the Alliance, walk down the line of assassins, at least a hundred in attendance. Kelsey had to give it up to the bitch. Jade made for a damn fine trainer—if not completely out of her fucking mind.

Catching Jade’s gaze was the last thing Kelsey needed, so she studied the mud right under her nose. In an attempt to take her mind off her pathetically shaking arms, she watched a lonesome ant struggle to keep its head above water in a small puddle. Its legs flailed, doing an insect replica of the doggy paddle before giving up and sinking beneath the murky water. I feel you, buddy.

One of Jade’s black boots landed in the puddle, the backsplash causing muddy water to stab Kelsey’s eyes and drip from her chin.

At least the ant had been put out of its misery.

Jade nudged Kelsey’s hands further apart with the tip of her dirty, black boot. “Get your nose to the ground, Kels, no excuses. Who do you think I am, Tony-fucking-Little? Get your ass out of the air!”

The impromptu thrashing had come directly from Jade, who’d come to the conclusion her assassins were getting soft—at one thirty in the morning, only forty minutes after she’d ended their evening session. She’d put her military boot down on every assassin in residence at the Alliance Headquarters, demon and vampire, newbies and veterans.

It didn’t help Jade’s ego problem that she now had the powers of an angel.


Kelsey briefly imagined freeing her Glock and swinging the barrel toward that annoying voice as Jade sauntered away. Too bad Kelsey was in her Victoria’s Secret pink sweats sans weapons. She had to remind herself that Jade remained one of her closest friends, so instead of daydreaming about tagging the bitch in the back with a bullet, she settled on gritting her teeth in anger and determination. Her arms burned as she straightened her elbows, pushing away from the ground.

The hand-to-hand combat training yesterday had left Kelsey with bruises up and down her body and a broken arm when she’d collapsed into bed earlier. Even though she was a vampire, her body needed time to heal, and yet Jade’s crazy ass had come charging through the castle barracks, waking everyone up for this crap.

For the better half of a year Kelsey had been training with the newbies like a pitiable loser. Her motto had come to be “Any day now”. She had to pass inspection this month and convince Ambrose that she was “of sound mind”—using his words. Otherwise she’d be stuck at Headquarters, which wouldn’t get her any closer to finding the demon haunting her. Time was running out. She could feel it.

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