Down For Him 2(10)

By: Jada Pullen

“Get on all fours.” I demanded her stroking my dick as she got up to get on the bed.

Climbing onto the bed, I arched her back at just the right angle, as I slid my dick in her dripping wet pussy. Diving in, we both let out a sexual moan.

“Damn B, yo shit so wet.” I said, going deeper into her wetness. “You know you been showing out right?” I asked her stroking her deep with my monster.


“Ouch, Khalil,” B whimpered, trying to cover her ass with her hands.

“Move yo fucking hands. You was just talking all that shit earlier. Let me hear you talk that shit now.” Taking my dick out her pussy, I spit on my dick before I ram it into her asshole.

“AAAAHHHHHHHHH!” She yelled out as I broke her ass in. Covering her mouth with both of my hands, I began fucking her hard. Leaning her head back, I could see tears flowing from her eyes.

“See you crying and shit now.” I said, going as deep as I could go.

“OHHH MY GOD!” She yelled out.

“Suck that shit up, B. The next time you keep my son away from me, you gone get sumn’ way worse than this shit here.” I said, as I released my seeds in her. Looking down at my dick, I saw some blood. Getting up from the bed, I grabbed a rag from the bathroom closet. Getting the rag all soapy, I went back out to clean Bianca off. Cleaning her off, she moaned softly as the warm water soothed her sore ass. Hearing my phone ringing, I ignored it as I continued to clean B off. Once I finished, I went into the bathroom to shower.

“Damn, I should’ve took that shit easy.” I said, as the water hits my body; I began to feel sore. Stepping out the shower, I go back into the room to search for some boxers but was cut off when my phone rang yet again. Picking my jeans up from the floor, I got my phone out. Seeing it was Chasity, a freak I used to fuck with, I forwarded her call.

“You about to leave me now?” B said, walking back into the room with fresh sheets in her hands.

“Trying to put me out already ain’t you?” I said, dropping my towel to put my boxers back on.

“I was just asking.” She said, as she walked past me putting the sheets down. She walked into the bathroom. Picking my ringing phone up from the bed, I instantly got pissed. What the fuck this bitch want?

“Why the fuck you blowing my shit up for?” I asked, with much aggression while sitting down on the edge of the bed.

“I was calling to let you know your girl down here in the hospital.” Hannah said with a hint of attitude.

“What you talking about? My girl who?” I asked, confused by what she talking about.

“Autumn, nigga. The bitch you been wit.”

“You better watch yo fucking mouth. When she got down there? What’s wrong with her?” I asked, now getting off the bed and sliding my jeans back on.

“I don’t know; I just got into work and was assigned to be her nurse. From what her papers say, she was hit in the head with some kind of foreign object.” She said, as I heard her fumbling with papers in the background.

“Text me her information.” I said quickly ending the call.

“B, I will be back. Where yo keys at?” I asked sliding the shower curtain back as she continued to shower.

“They should be on the kitchen table. Where you going?”

“Some shit came up. I will be back later on.” I said quickly kissing her. Closing the bathroom door, I rushed to get the keys off the table. Closing and locking the front door, I damn near ran down the steps. If this nigga did some shit to her, I swear I’m murking his ass. Snatching the car in drive, I headed straight to Piedmont Hospital.

Chapter 3: Khaleek

“How the hell you get that scratch on your face?" I said turning to Brandy as we rode to see my dad.

"Autumn did this shit last night when I was trying to get her into the hospital. Her ass may be small, but she was like dead weight last night." B said, applying more makeup to her cheek to hide the long scratch.

"How did that go last night? I didn't get a chance to ask you about it when I got back to the hotel."

"After cutting our wedding anniversary short, I got my mom to let me borrow her car. After that, Tavon met me down the street from Piedmont to put her in the car. I told the nurses we were at the club when a fight broke out, and she was hit in the head with something. After that, I dipped. I thought y'all were only supposed to be following them to find out where that nigga laid his head. What happened?" She said, closing the mirror to look over at me.

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