Down For Him 2(2)

By: Jada Pullen

“Baby, what’s going on?” Tee asked, as she stood behind me in my closet sliding her pants on. Not answering her questions, I continued to put my clothes on. Walking out past her into the bathroom, I quickly brush my teeth.

“So you don’t hear me asking you a question?”

“Tee, get the fuck outta here with that shit! You got two minutes to get downstairs or I’m leaving yo ass here.” I said, cleaning my mouth off. I don’t have time for Tee’s ass to be asking 21 questions. Going back down the steps, I went into the living room to find my phone. I promised Tee that I would give her more of my time since, lately, I been going back and forth between the A and New York handling business. Last night, when I came home, I cut my phone off to give her my undivided attention. Now, I’m regretting I ever did that shit. Checking in between the seats of the couch, I find my iPhone 6. Powering my phone on, it immediately began to ring with my pops’ name sliding across the screen.

“What’s up pops?” I said, walking to the front door just as Tee comes jogging down the steps.

“Logan, where the fuck are you?” My mom yells with panic in her voice!

“I’m headed to the hospital now.” Closing and locking the door behind me, we hop in the car with Cody.

“Okay.” She said, ending the call.

For them to be here, it meant that some shit must’ve really popped off. I’m surprised Justin didn’t show up instead of Cody. Calling Justin about six times, his phone continued to go to voicemail which rarely ever happened. He might not have had a signal down at the hospital. Seeing that I had damn near forty text messages, I decided not to read any of them since I would be at the hospital in a minute. The ride to there was a silent, but fast one, as Cody did a 110 mph all the way there. Pulling into the parking deck of Grady Hospital, I hopped out the passenger seat of Cody’s Mercedes opening the back door for Tee to get out. We damn near ran to the entrance of the hospital, as the early morning wind hit us. Pops already texted me which floor they are on. We all get on the elevator as I pressed number six. Getting off on the trauma floor made me have somewhat of any uneasy feeling. Walking into the family waiting area, I saw four of my pops’ men sitting in the back of the waiting room keeping a close eye on the surroundings. Walking over to the two sets of empty seats to the left and right of them, me and Tee took the seats to the left, while Cody took the seats to the right. Just as my ass hit the seat, I saw my pops step through the double doors and give me and Cody both a head nod to come with him.

“Baby, I will be right back. If you need anything, one of them will go and get it for you.” I said nodding my head to the men.

“Okay.” She said, nonchalantly, looking at the men. Getting up from my seat, I kissed her on the forehead and headed through the double doors with Cody.

“What the fuck you got going on, Lo? Everybody been calling and texting your ass all fucking night. Don’t let me find out the bitch out there knocking you off your square son. The pigs already been down here sniffing around and shit. I want this shit handled ASAP!” Pops said, as he lead the way through the halls of the hospital.

“My bad, Pops. My phone died last night. Where Justin at though? I called him on my way down here, but he didn’t answer.” I asked, quickly changing the subject. Although being with Teyanna last night was the reason behind me not answering, it didn’t mean that I was going to let her take the blame for my fuck up. Just as I asked, we approached a door on a hall with only one room, where two more of his men guarded the door. My pops lead the way as we walked through the door. Lola sat in a chair with her back to the door as she held her face in her hands crying softly. I could see Kevin standing off to the side near the window. Walking further into the room, I felt my heart drop to the pit of my stomach.

“Yo, what the fuck happened to him?” I asked, getting choked up on my words at the sight of my brother laying here with tubes and shit hanging from his mouth and arms.

“Last night, somebody ran him into a light pole then shot the car up. These muthafuckas tried to kill my baby. He was barely hanging on to life when they got to him.” My mom said from her seat completely breaking down. At this moment, so many people ran through my head. It could be Khalil and his people, but then again, it could be those niggas that were gunning for us at the club that we’re still looking into.

Also By Jada Pullen

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