Down For Him 2(3)

By: Jada Pullen

“Who would’ve been bold enough to pull some shit like this Logan?” My pops asked in the calmest tone ever.

“It can be a few people. Where was he when this happened? Was anybody else with him?”

“What the fuck you mean it can be a few people Lo? I thought you boys had this shit together? Now my baby on life support! I want these niggas head on a silver platter. No excuse, spare nobody.” My mom said, as her thick New York accent roared throughout the hospital room.

“Did they say if anybody was with him?” I asked never taking my eyes from him.

“No, when they got to the scene, it was just him.” Pops said taking a seat next to Justin on the opposite side.

“This shit ain’t adding up.” I said thinking back on the quick conversation we had yesterday morning.

“What you mean?” My pops asked with a confused look on his face.

“When I talked to Justin yesterday, he said he was going with his shorty last night to meet her peoples. So where the fuck she at if he laying up in this bitch?”

“Who is she?” My mother ask standing up from her seat.

“Autumn. I will be right back.”

“What the fuck you mean you will be right back? Logan, bring yo ass back in here!” I heard my pops’ voice boom behind me as I left the room. This shit just ain’t adding up how the fuck my boy basically damn near laying on his death bed and Autumn’s ass ain’t nowhere to be found. I swear if that bitch set my brother up I’m killing her muthafuckin ass; no questions asked. Walking back out the double doors into the waiting room, I walked over to Tee who seemed to be sleeping peacefully with her head rested back on the wall.

“Tee, get the fuck up!” I say as I stand over her.

“What’s wrong?” She asked, as her eyes fluttered open.

“You need to call Autumn’s people right now and find out where that bitch at.” I said, staring down at her with the eyes of death.

“Wait! Hold up! Don’t come out here demanding shit and calling Autumn no bitch. I don’t know what-” Before she could say another word, I snatched her up out the seat by her jacket. “Get your fucking hands off me!” Tee yelled, as I dragged her out of the waiting room. All eyes were on us as Tee continued to go off. “Lo, let me go”! Tee yelled trying to jerk away from me.

“What the fuck y’all looking at?” I roared as we left from the waiting room. Walking down the hallway, I pulled Tee into the men’s restroom on the hall.

“Yo, the next time I tell your dumb ass to do something your ass better just do it. All that back talking shit don’t work for me, and this my last time telling you this shit Tee.” I said, as I pinned her between the wall and my body. Staring into her eyes, I knew she was scared and on the verge of crying. Letting go of her jacket, I wiped away the single tear that slid down her beet red cheeks.

“My brother is laid up in the fucking hospital on life support while Autumn out here running around somewhere. Last night, he went with Autumn to her peoples house for some fucking anniversary for her pops. I guess when he left there, he was hit from behind, and then, somebody shot his shit up. So like I said before, get your ass on the phone and find out where the fuck she at.” I said, pacing back and forth. Tee quickly dug into her back pocket and pulled out her phone.

“Baby, I didn’t mean to put my hands on you like that. This shit just got me fucked up. My boy down bad, and I need to find out who did this shit.” I said pulling her into my arms. She began to softly cry into my chest. “Stop crying shorty. I’m sorry.” I said, gently rubbing her back. Damn, I didn’t mean to scare her like that.

“Look at me Tee.” I said in a stern tone. She slowly lifted her face showing her bloodshot red eyes. “You forgive me?” I said, giving her my puppy dog eyes. She smiled softly nodding her head, yes. “Give me kiss.” I smiled down at her. I looked deeply into her gray eyes as she stood on her tippy toes to kiss me. Teyanna was my heart. I never thought I would love anybody the way I loved her. Although Camella was still in the picture, Tee grew on me. I was planning on ending shit with Camella when I went back to New York next week, but with my brother being down, I might not be able to make that trip out there. “Now, clean ya face and call ya peoples.” I said leaving her in the restroom. Walking back into the waiting room, I could feel eyes glued on us. Not fazed, we continued through the double doors down to Justin’s room.

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