Down For Him 2(4)

By: Jada Pullen

“The next time you walk away while I’m talking to you I promise you will regret it.” Pops said from his seat.

“Aight. So Autumn’s best friend Tee is my girl. I got her calling Autumn’s people to see where she at. I know she had to be with him; they live together. So for her ass not to be in that car don’t add up.” I said. “Kevin and Cody, I need y’all to find out everything about that bitch. I want to know where her family lives and all that.” I said, turning my attention to them.

“We got you.” Kevin said. Feeling my phone vibrate for what seemed to be the third time, I decided to check and see who it was.

“Yeah.” I said into the phone.

“Autumn is in Piedmont hospital Lo. Somebody dropped her off their last night.” Tee said quickly into the phone.

“Fuck! Aight, here I come.” I said, hanging up the phone.

“What’s going on?” Ma asked, standing up from her seat.

“Autumn in Piedmont hospital; somebody dropped her off there. Aye, Cody let me see them keys.” I said putting my phone back in my pocket

“I’m coming with you. I need to see who this bitch is and what the fuck going on.” Lola said, snatching her purse off from her seat heading to the door.

“Lola, take Zo with you.” My pops said referring to one of his men.

“I think I can handle myself. I’m good baby.” I said, showing him her burner.

Leaving the room, we head straight for the elevator. Tee let me know she was waiting for me at Cody’s car. Getting to the park deck, I take in the gloomy look on Tee’s face and know she’s feeling some type of way.

“Ma, this is my girl, Teyanna. Teyanna, this is my mom, Lola.” I said, introducing them to each other.

“Hey.” Tee said with a faint smile extending her hand.

“Hey. You’re very beautiful.” My mom said shaking her hand with a big smile.

“Thank you.” She said, as we all got into the car. I let Tee drive since this was her city and I was still getting familiar with my way around here. The early morning traffic made the ride seem forever as Tee dipped in and out between cars. Pulling up to Piedmont hospital, Tee could barely stop the car before she hopped out. I know she was missing Autumn like crazy. Ever since shit popped off between Teyanna’s cousin, Autumn ain’t been fucking with my girl. Tee would call her all day every day trying to apologize, but Autumn wouldn’t even pick up or respond to her text. She ended up getting her number blocked which hurt Tee even more. Although Autumn basically turned her back on Tee, you see where we at now.

“Damn Tee, hold up!” I yelled, as we were jogging to catch up to her as she walked thru the entrance of the hospital.

“Hey. What can I help you with today?” A young white nurse asked as Tee approached her.

“I need the room number of Autumn Green.” Tee said, as I walked up behind her.

“What’s your name? Only certain people can go up per the family request.” She said looking at her computer screen.

“Teyanna Hicks and they are with me.” She said showing the lady her I.D.

“Okay, she is on the 5TH floor in room 560. You can take the elevator on your left.” She said with a smile.

“Thanks.” I said, as Tee took off for the elevator. We ride up the elevator in silence. Getting off the elevator, we go to a nurse to ask for directions. She tells us where the room is located. We follow behind Lola as she leads the way. Looking over at Tee, I could tell that she on the verge of tears from the anticipation of seeing her best friend all banged up. Getting to the room, Lola stepped to the side to let Teyanna walk in ahead of us.

“I have to use the restroom. I will be back.” Ma said turning to us.

“Okay,” We said in unison.

Walking into the room, I see that the space where the bed is supposed to be is empty. Tee begins to walk over; there are two women already in the room that I think are Autumn and Tee’s mom. Both ladies looked to be in their mid-thirties. I could tell the lady to the left was Autumn’s mom because they looked exactly alike. Tee’s mom was high yellow just like her, with burgundy red hair that she wore up in a long ponytail. She had ice-gray eyes and dimples with a set of perfect white teeth. Both women were sexy as hell! Damn, if this how my baby gone look when she get older, I’m really going to have to lock her ass down.

Also By Jada Pullen

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