Down For Him 2(6)

By: Jada Pullen

Bianca hadn’t let me see Kaleb because she was still pissed off about getting her ass beat by Autumn. I don’t think I’ve ever felt lonelier in my life than I feel at this very moment. Knowing the love of my life has moved on hurt me to the core, and to know her ass moved on with my enemy hurt even more. I been living with Khaleek and Brandy since I left the hospital. Going home to find that Autumn had packed up all her shit and got the fuck on, hurt me. She only took her clothes and shoes leaving behind all the jewelry and purses I’d bought her. She even left the keys to the Maserati I gave her. I could kill Bianca’s ass for all this bullshit she done caused. I still haven’t found out who was aiming for my life, but as soon as I heal, I’m back ten toes down, and I’m gunning for those pussy niggas.

Sitting up slowly, I slid to the edge of the bed. I slowly slid my feet off to the side and prepared to stand up. I wasn’t completely healed from my gunshot wounds so I was still on bedrest. Taking the stairs one at a time, I slowly made it down to the kitchen. Walking into the kitchen, I see Brandy moving back and forth between flipping pancakes and checking on the bacon in the frying pan. Walking over to the island, I pull out a stool and take a seat.

“Good morning, Khalil. You hungry?” Brandy said, turning to me with a smile, while taking the pancakes out the pan and placing them on a plate.

“Yeah, I am.” I said, looking over my shoulder to see Khaleek walking down the steps engrossed in a conversation on his phone.

“Morning y’all.” Khaleek said, pulling the phone away from his face. He walked into the kitchen and kissed Brandy on her cheek.

“You gone sit in here or you going into the living room to eat and watch TV?” Brandy asked, turning to me with my plate of food in her hand.

“I will eat in the living room.” I said, getting up slowly and walking into the living room, finally taking a seat on the couch.

“Thank you.” I said, grabbing my plate from her hand. She really laid shit out this morning with pancakes, eggs, bacon, grits, and some fruit. I was ready to go the fuck in.

“You’re welcome. I will be right back with some juice.” She said walking away. Sitting up to grab the remote off the table, I turned on the TV to Channel 2 Action News.

“Police are turning to the community this morning for help to figure out the gunman of this gruesome crime. Last night, around 11:30 pm, on Glenshire Rd, someone hit the victim from behind sending him into that light pole. Then reportedly shot the victim’s car over twenty times with him still in it.” This white pretty news reporter said gesturing towards the scene behind her.

“The man that you see on your screen now is the victim, Justin Halgo. He was rushed to Grady hospital around 12 am this morning in critical condition barely hanging onto life. He has since slipped into a coma and has been placed on life support. If anyone has any information about the gunman, you are asked to call your local police or crime stoppers. Back to you, Jim.” Looking at the screen, I was for sure I thought I was seeing shit. Seeing Justin’s face on the screen made me have a slight grin, but I quickly thought about my baby Autumn. I recognized the street name, and that let me know Autumn couldn’t have been too far away when that shit happened to him. Glenshire Rd was near her mom’s house.

“Aye, Kahleek” I yelled pouring syrup on my pancakes.

“Yeah, nigga. What you yelling for?” Khaleek asked looking at me like I’m crazy.

“Nigga, check this shit out.” I said, rewinding the TV and stopping it on the news reporter speaking about Justin. Looking at the lady explain the scene behind her, and his condition again, only made me think of where Autumn could be right now.

“I guess I wasn’t the only one gunning for that nigga.” I said with a slight chuckle.

“FUCK!” Khaleek yelled with so much hostility in his voice running his hands over his face.

“Nigga, what the fuck you got going on?” I said, looking at him up and down confused about his outburst.

“Here you go.” Brandy said handing me my juice. Getting a good look at Brandy’s face, I could see a long scratch going down the right side of her face.

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