Down For Him 2(7)

By: Jada Pullen

“Damn Leek, you beating on my sister?” I said, looking at the scratch and then to Khaleek.

“Hell nah, nigga. Why you say that?” He said, grabbing Brandy’s face to examine it.

“I did that last night when I was sleep. I made a mistake and scratch the shit out of myself.” Brandy said somewhat nervously.

“You need to go put some Neosporin on that baby.” Khaleek said letting her face go.

“K.” She said walking away quickly.

“Nigga, you good?” I asked eating my food.

“Yeah.” Khaleek said sitting down next to me.

“I wonder wassup with Autumn and if she good. You see where that shit happened? Out there by Alicia house. I know yesterday was Big A little anniversary party. I tried to reach out to Autumn’s ass but she got a nigga number blocked and shit.”

“Shit, I’m pretty sure she down there with him. That nigga kept playing like shit was sweet so he had to be dealt with.” Khleek said, walking out of the room looking pissed off. I don’t know what the hell Khaleek got going on, but that nigga need to get that shit together. I wanted to get at Justin so bad I could taste it, but going through this shit interrupted my plans. I wonder who touched down on his ass before I did. All I know is, his ass better be happy they got to him before I did, cause that nigga wouldn’t even be breathing right now. Pulling out my phone from my gym shorts, I looked through my contacts until I got to Tavon’s name.

“Wassup, nigga?” Tavon said into the phone after the 4TH ring.

“Shit, nigga. I was sitting here cooling watching the news and guess who’s face shows up on the screen?” I said, sitting my empty plate on the table drinking some of my orange juice.


“Justin bitch ass. Somebody drove that nigga into a light pole and shot his shit up.”

“Damn! Forreal, bruh?”

“Hell, yeah. That shit crazy, but the motherfuckas ain’t finish the job though.”

“Niggas out here gunning without no aim? These niggas fucking up.” Tavon said with a slight chuckle.

“Same thing I said but what you finna get into?”

“Shit. I’m out here making these rounds to collect.”

“Cool. Once you done with that, come scoop me. I got to go see my seed. B ass been on the bullshit ever since Autumn put them paws on her ass. Not letting me see or speak to Kaleb.” I said, causing Tavon to burst out laughing on the other end of the phone.

“Shit, Autumn lil’ ass did fuck her up. I ain’t gon’ even lie ‘bout that. B ass walked away with two black eyes and a busted lip. I ain’t even know ole girl had them hands like that.” He said, making me laugh right with him.

“Don’t let that pretty face fool yo ass. Autumn have beat a couple of my side bitches ass on multiple occasions. Aye, you win some, you lose some, but you live to fight another day,” I said, repeating John Witherspoon line from the movie Friday.

“Nigga you hell. I’ll be over that way about 12:30.”

“Cool.” I said ending the call. Getting up from the couch, I took my empty plate into the kitchen to see Khleek and Brandy sitting at the island whispering shit to each other. All morning, these muthafuckas been acting off, but I can’t really put my finger on why.

“What yo ass finna do today?” Khaleek said, stopping his conversation with Brandy as soon as I got close enough to hear their conversation.

“Shit. Pushing up on Bianca’s ass to see what the fuck she got going on since she ain’t been letting me see Kaleb. What y’all got going on?” I said, sitting my plate into the sink.

“We ‘bout to go see Pops in a minute.” He said getting up from the island.

“Damn, bruh. Why you ain’t tell me y’all was going to see him?” I asked, slightly aggravated. Usually, he would always let me know before he went, so I could roll with him.

“Last minute, bruh. My bad, but you know you can come.”

“Shit, I would, but I got to go check on my youngin,’” I said.

“True. Well, I’ll let pops know that.” He said, taking off up the steps leaving Brandy to clean up the kitchen. This nigga acting too throwed this morning, and it’s starting to make me feel uncomfortable. First, he having outburst about that Justin shit, and now he ain’t even giving me heads up about to going to see pops.

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