Down For Him 2(8)

By: Jada Pullen

Heading up the steps, I go back into my room to take my pain medicine. Going into the bedroom closet, I pulled out my clothes for the day. I decided to wear my black V-neck Fendi tee and black Robin jeans, along with my all gold Margiela’s. Going into the guest bathroom, I took a leak before turning the shower on. Taking my clothes off, I stepped into the huge glass shower. As the hot water hit my body, I slightly flinched from the water hitting my wounds. Washing my body from head to toe, I stepped out of the shower to grab my towel. I couldn’t help but look down at my morning wood that hadn’t went down yet. Today will be the day I get all this frustration off.

Wrapping my towel around my body, I brushed my teeth and washed my face. Looking myself over in the mirror, it looked like I snatched purses for a living. My hair and beard had grew out making me look rough. I got to get this shit handled today, I thought as I ran my hand over my long beard. I quickly threw my clothes on knowing that Tavon should be here in about ten minutes. Grabbing my gold-flooded, big-face Rolex, I slid it on along with my two 15k Jesus pieces. Getting my phone off the charger, along with my wallet from my nightstand, I was out. Walking out the front door, I hopped into Tavon’s BMW X6.

“What’s good my nigga?” Tavon said giving me dap pulling off.

“Shit. Take me over to Zay shop so I can get this shit cut off.” I said, hitting my barber Zay up to let him know I was about to slide thru.

“Did you get at Autumn to see if she was good?” Tavon asked as we stopped at a red light.

“I tried calling her ass but she blocked me. I would’ve called Alicia ass, but you know that bitch don’t fuck with me after that shit happened after the club that night.”

“Oh yeah, forgot all about that shit.”

“What you ended up getting into last night nigga?” I asked, as we hopped on the expressway.

“Not much; I was stuck at the house last night with Hannah and the kids.”

“Hannah be having your ass on lock down.” I said, making us both laugh. Hannah was Tavon’s girl of about five years. She was bad as hell! She had smooth, brown skin, with jet black hair that she wore in an asymmetrical bob. She had light brown eyes, her ass wasn’t as big as I liked, but it was still fat. She had tattoos that covered her arms. I don’t see how Tavon’s ass pulled her, but he did.

“She really do, but it’s all good.” Pulling up to the barber shop, I get out. Walking out the shop 30 minutes later, I felt like new. I been cooped up for a good month, but I’m healing now, and it’s time to hit these streets and grind. Seeing that Justin’s ass might not be living to see tomorrow, we gone need a new connect ASAP.

“You staying over here or you need me to pull back thru to scoop you?” Tavon said pulling next to Bianca’s Mercedes.

“Shit, I don’t know, but I’ll hit you up and let you know.”

“Bet. Be looking out nigga.” He said referring to my surroundings.

“’Preciate it, bruh.” I said, getting out the truck closing the door. Just being back over here makes me feel uneasy. I was almost to my last breath out here on this pavement. I really do wonder if it was some random niggas that hit me up or if Bianca’s ass had me set up. This thought played in my mind as I walked up the stairs slowly to the second floor. Once I made it to Bianca’s door, I knocked twice. I could hear Kaleb running to the door.

“Kaleb, I done told yo ass about running to this door. Go sit your ass down; you ain’t grown.” I hear B yelling at Kaleb as she unlocked the locks on the door. “What the fuck you doing here?” B asked, opening the door slightly, while folding her arms across her chest with an attitude.

“Bianca, yo ass better move out the way before you get yo ass beat again.” I said, brushing her out the way as I walked through the door.

“Daddy!” Kaleb yelled, as I walked into the living room. Standing on his tippy toes, he reaches out for me to pick him up.

“Come over here and sit down with daddy.” Grabbing him by the hand as we walked over to the couch together. To know that I might not have been able to see my son again killed me.

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